• How to publish a Digital Magazine to Google Play

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Developer Account

To publish your Digital Magazine App on Google Play App Store you need a Google Developer Account.

1Sign Up

To sign up for a Google Developer Account go the link below and click the Get Started button: https://play.google.com/publish/apps-games/index.html

2Basic Information

You need to enter some basic information about your identity - name, email address, and so on. You can modify this information later.

3Distribution Agreement

Read and accept the Google Developer Distribution Agreement for your country or region. Note that your Digital Magazine App and store listing you publish on Google Play must comply with the Google Developer Program Policies and US export law.

4Registration Fee

To publish your Digital Magazine App on Google Play you must pay a one time registration fee of $25 USD using Google payments. It is easy and quickly to setup a Google payments account during the process.

5Account Verified

When your registration to the Google Developer Program is verified, you will be notified at the email address you have entered during registration.

Publish Digital Magazine App

After you have signed up to a Google Developer Account you are now ready to publish your Digital Magazine App.


After your account has been created and verified log into your Google Play Developer Console using the link: https://play.google.com/apps/publish/

2Add New

Under the All Applications tab click the button Add New Application at the top right of the screen.


The Add New Application dialog box opens up and here you can enter the title of your Digital Magazine. Then click Upload APK button to submit upload your Digital Magazine App to the Google Play Store before continuing on to the Store Listing.

4Store Listing

Under the Store Listing tab you must add the required information about your Digital Magazine. The store listing is important for users to find your Digital Magazine and to appetize the users to install it.

We do recommend that you take a close look at Google’s Guidelines to ensure you get the best exposure possible: https://developer.android.com/distribute/essentials/quality/tablets.html#google-play

5Add Graphic Assets

Add the Graphic Assets to your Google Play Store listing to showcase your Digital Magazine App to users while the search for magazines to install.


Under the categorization add the following:

Application type: Choose Applications from the drop down box

Category: Choose the category that best matches your Digital Magazine from the drop down box

Content rating: Choose the content rating based on the content of your Digital Magazine from the drop down box. See link in developer console for more information about which content rating to choose.

7Contact Details

Add your contact details for users to get more information about your business and thereby better exposure.

8Save information

Click on the Save Draft button at the top of the page before moving on.

Pricing & Distribution

You need to decide to distribute your Digital Magazine App for Free or at a price. The distribution of your Digital Magazine App can be to a specific country or worldwide.

1Pricing & Distribution

Click on the Pricing & Distribution tab. By default the application is Free for everyone to use. You can set a purchasing price if you would like, this does however require you to firstly set up a merchant account.


Select which countries your Digital Magazine must be available in.

3Contain Ads

You must select if your Digital Magazine contains advertising or not. If you have decided to publish your Digital Magazine under our Free option, you must select Yes under Contain Ads.


Your must click the checkbox Content Guidelines that you have accepted Google Terms and Conditions and that your Digital Magazine content meets Android Content Guidelines.

5US Export Laws

You must acknowledge that your Digital Magazine App may be subject to United States Export Laws.

6Save or Publish

You can now save your changes using the button Save Draft at the top of the page. If you are done filling the information for your store listing and have followed steps above you are now ready to publish your Digital Magazine App. To do so click the button Publish app on the top of the page new to the Save Draft button. It usually take up to 48 hours before your Digital Magazine App is available in the Google Play Store.

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