YouTobia makes it really easy to create digital magazines by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to take the designing, publishing and marketing of magazines to a new level. Think of it, it is just like hiring your own digital agency to create and market your magazine for you. All you need to do is add your content such as text, images, videos, links and more - and your A.I. Designer handles the rest.

Promote your products or services, or stay connected with your end-users with a uniquely designed digital magazine. Give your magazine a purpose, more traffic to your website or social media page, earn money from subscriptions or advertising, the choice is yours.

As your needs grow, your A.I. Designer and digital magazines evolves with you, effortlessly in fulfilling your purpose. Want to change layout style? Add Social feeds? Or even E-commerce? No problem, your A.I. Designer takes care of your needs.

That is not all, your A.I. Marketeer assist you in marketing your magazine, to ensure your magazine get the exposure it deserves, without any extra cost.


Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence


No need to hire a Designer or Digital Agency to create a digital magazine. No more templates or time consuming drag and drop tools. Your A.I. Designer is here to make your life easier and hassle-free by removing time consuming and expert tasks, so that you can concentrate your effort on the content creation that adds value to you and your existing and new audience.

Simply just add your content such as images, text, links, videos, etc. and your A.I. Designer takes over creating beautiful layouts matching your content. You can preview your digital magazine as you create it using our App for Tablets and Mobile Phones. It is a preview only, since the layout adapts to devices and platform and keeps changing based on micro adjustments and A/B testing as you add new content to your digital magazine.

Imaging without the hassle

Image resizing, cropping and optimization has never been easier by intelligently analyze and crop your images to fit the layout for all devices and platforms.

Face detection and object recognition ensures that your images fits the layout perfectly without all the manual work of resizing, cropping for different devices and resolutions.

Constant optimization of your images will ensure a best fit for any screen resolution and for the latest hot mobile phone or tablet.


Connecting your E-Commerce website/shop has never been easier, simply add your product links and you A.I. Designer connects the dots adding an E-Commerce experience to your digital magazine. For more control add your product content such as images, description, link and price and your A.I. Designer assist you in driving more clicks to your E-Commerce site.

In a saturated digital media world, a high quality shoppable digital magazine is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Your digital magazine creates a strong brand association with your audience and at the same time connecting it with your E-Commerce presence.

Creating an emotional loyalty bond between your brand and your magazine audience enables you to increase both traffic and sales.

Traffic Booster

Reach a global audience through the App Stores and Newsstand.

Drive more loyal readers to your website, blog, shop, social media page or newsletter directly from your digital magazine.

Get published on different magazine portals and get even more exposure automatically. Your A.I. Marketeer assist you in getting the exposure your magazines deserve.

Just lean back and focus on your content creation and let your A.I. Marketeer getting your magazines in front of millions of potential customers.

Multiple platforms and devices

Taking the complexity out of delivering digital magazines to multiple platforms and devices. YouTobia A.I. Layout Engine handles all the trouble for you, so that you can focus on creating great content for your target audience. With beautiful simple interaction, fluid swiping and design that automatically adapts to any screen size enables you to publish once and read everywhere.

No more templates or need to create multiple layouts and design for various devices and platforms, it is all being taken care of automatically by your A.I. Designer ensuring the best layout at any given time for any device and platform including the next hot mobile device.

The layout and content automatically adapts to the device and screen resolution without the need for you to create specific content, or optimize your content targeted at a specific device or screen resolution. The layout engine adapts the design to fit the way people actually use their mobile devices into an interactive visual storytelling that delights and engage your readers.

Layout Evolves with you

Update you content when you feel like it and the layout adapts automatically to your changes. Your A.I. Designer works 24/7 to ensure a perfect layout for all situations based on the content that you add.

Sometimes it feels like magic, but it is not. Your A.I. Designer uses advanced algorithms to analyze your content and then automate micro adjustments, to ensure your layout always fit your content on any device and platform. So each time you add new content your layouts adapts to the changes, adjusting to ensure the best reading experience for all users.

Use our digital magazine previewer to get a feel of the look and feel of your digital magazine as you add content to it. Keep in mind though, that the layout keeps evolving so the preview really is only a preview. Your A.I Designer needs to keep the layout adaption to ensure that all users gets the best experience consuming your content.

Image adjustment on autopilot

Your images are automatically adjusted and color corrected to match the layout style of choice. Change layout style and your images will automatically be re-adjusted by your A.I. Designer.

The decision is yours, just notify your A.I. Designer whether or not do any image adjustments and thereby keeping the control of your image adjustments, if needed.

Advanced algorithms used by your A.I. Designer intelligently analyzes for color detection and correction, to ensure a consistent messaging across your article contents. Keep in mind, that you are still in control of your images, if you need to be. The auto image adjustment is to help you if you are in a hurry or if you like to give the creative freedom to someone else. Your A.I. Designer is here to help remove the boring tasks, that you or your team prefer not to do.


Earn money from subscriptions is an option that can be added to your magazine to create additional revenue. It is also possible to have a teaser for potential customers to get introduced to your magazine brand and later converted to paying customers.

All depending on the purpose of your magazine. You can always add magazine subscription later if needed, for example maybe you would like Issue 1 of your Magazine to be free and the issues following be based on a subscription or pay per issue business model, absolutely no problem.

Add interactive advertising to your content or connect to your advertising network for additional revenue stream is also an option.

Multiple Issues no problem

Creating multiple issues of your magazine is absolutely no problem. Just create a new magazine from the dashboard and your digital magazine will be updated to include multiple issues.

You have of course also the option of sending out a new standalone magazine to get even greater exposure of your brand.

Multiple issues in the App Stores and Newsstand create greater exposure to your brand. Multiple issues does not limit you in having your backlog available from within each new issue you publish to the App Stores and Newsstand.

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