AI News, Young black writers are told 'don't make art' but Nakkiah Lui stretches what is possible | Nayuka Gorrie

Young black writers are told 'don't make art' but Nakkiah Lui stretches what is possible | Nayuka Gorrie

The first half of Lifestyle of the Richard and Family is all too familiar theatrical content: the unhappy couple;

Driverless vehicles could see the end of truck drivers, robots could increasingly take over even complex manufacturing, personal assistants and customer support workers may be made redundant.

Bureau of Meteoranxiety is an installation piece acting as satire on contemporary mindfulness and self-care, and our disconnection from nature and fears about climate change.

Imagining an Australia in 2040, when most people dine alone, the audience was segregated into single eating booths and served by robots fulfilling “all of [our] nutritional and emotional needs”.

In fact, large wooden boxes hid the artists sitting inside these moving robots, feeding a person at one table a grey cube of jelly while serving the person sitting next to them an inscrutable progression of images via screens.

But if this future was supposed to be an allegory for how robots will make our lives dull, it fell down at the first hurdle, as I watched audience members during the performance pull out their phones to amuse themselves.

Little is said about how SwiftKey, the AI that co-wrote Lifestyle, was specifically used, but the strange beginning of the work pays off when Helper and director Harriet Giles break out of the mould of traditional theatre: the cast dance;

the world dissolves further and further into the creative imagination of performance – which can only ever be truly realised through human collaboration.

Next Wave has long held the edict of asking artists to be as ambitious as possible, so it is only natural that the artists of today, in their ambition, ask what AI can do for them.

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