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BCAM launches its working group on Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence

Its main objective will be to generate knowledge in artificial intelligence and to apply innovative techniques to generate knowledge in other areas of Mathematics.

These include a wide variety of projects, from those that will seek to improve clinical prediction through artificial intelligence techniques, improving emergency healthcare system, early Alzheimer disease infections, resistance to anti-cancer therapy, predictive modeling of microbiome and human metabolism, as well as other projects aimed at improving the efficiency of energy management by predicting energy consumption in the new scenario of the electric vehicle or simulating ion batteries.


A working group within the administration on the subject of artificial intelligence is being set up.

This is intended to ensure the exchange of knowledge and views and make it possible to harmonise positions, among other things with regard to Switzerland's representation on international bodies.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Workshop

USGIF and its Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Working Group host this annual workshop as a way to discuss current challenges and strategic initiatives related to the role of AI, machine learning, cognitive computing, and deep learning in GEOINT.

4:30 p.m. This unclassified day is packed with keynotes, panel discussions, industry flash talks, networking, and exhibits.

Panel topics will include modeling and data visualization, and the agenda will also feature a discussion of complex data by DIA’s Terry Busch and insight into GEOINT Services by NGA’s Jim Long.

a.m.- 4:00 p.m. This classified session will build upon topics from the previous day and feature keynotes, panel discussions, networking, and industry exhibits.

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