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In early 2017, she started working on projects for domestic clients, noting that Web Development suits her much better so she decided to move in that direction.

Many years of experience in working with children meant nearly two years being one of the instructors at the Kliker IT Center for children, started by JSGuru.

Starting up in Beijing, China's AI wonderland

The chance encounter inspired Montoya to come to learn Chinese in Beijing and start Akkadu, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform providing remote simultaneous interpretation.

Wu Bin, a straight-A student from Tsinghua University, did not apply to study abroad after getting his master's degree in computer science, nor did he go home to take over the family clothing business.

In 2019, 28-year-old Wu bagged more than 100 million yuan ($14 million) from investors with his Beijing-based AI fashion company InfiMind, which provides services like clothing recognition, smart recommendations and automatic generation of an item's description.

Kai-Fu Lee, who founded Sinovation Ventures, a Beijing-based incubator and venture capital firm dedicated to nurturing Chinese startups, said AI has entered the stage of empowering traditional industries and creating value, and it is in need of ideas from entrepreneurs and scientists.

Among them, 119 companies have secured a single round of financing of more than 100 million yuan, and 14 have received a single round of over 1 billion yuan.

X-lab provides him with free office space for a year, a free address when registering his company, and a network of mentors on-hand to help him grow his business.

The pilot express service project reduced the time of issuing permanent residence permits from 180 days to 50 working days.

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THE EVIL OF 5G TECHNOLOGY - David Icke | London Real

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