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Scale AI's 22-Year Old CEO Wants to Improve the Safety of Self-Driving Cars

Aug.08 -- Alexandr Wang, Scale AI co-founder and chief executive officer, explains how the company is using artificial intelligence to improve the safety of ...

John McCarthy (1927-2011): Artificial Intelligence (complete) - Thinking Allowed -Jeffrey Mishlove

The science of artificial intelligence is a program to accomplish the Socratic injunction, "Know Thyself." The late ..

Watson Picasso – The State of Artificial Intelligence in Art Creation | 2019

Pierre Fautrel (Artist & Co- Founder Obvious) It was a sensation last year when Christies for the first time auctioned off a work of art created by an artificial ...

Artificial Intelligence & Personhood: Crash Course Philosophy #23

Today Hank explores artificial intelligence, including weak AI and strong AI, and the various ways that thinkers have tried to define strong AI including the Turing ...

Artificial justice: would robots make good judges?

When we want to solve a complicated math problem quickly and accurately, many of us will turn to a calculator without thinking twice. But would you want a ...

A.I. - Let’s Lose the Hype and Think Practically | Advait Sarkar | TEDxCambridgeUniversity

Advait has had enough of the unhelpful media frenzy bandwagon around artificial intelligence and presents a better way of thinking about AI — namely, that it is ...

Terence Mckenna on Artificial Intelligence

From the Psychedelic Salon

Artificial intelligence and the future of work

Gene Roche, executive professor of higher education, discusses the evolution of computer intelligence and the future of human work.