AI News, Will deep learning make other machine learning algorithms obsolete?

Will deep learning make other machine learning algorithms obsolete?

For this reason, there will always be cases where Deep Learning will not be preferred, even if it has managed to squeeze an extra 1% in accuracy on the testing set.

Let's imagine that your very demanding boss asks you to implement an image classifier to detect whether sport images contain scenes coming from a American Football game or a Association Football game.

You are well read in Deep Learning literature, so you train a two-class classifier using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) feeding it thousands of labeled images containing both sports.

As a matter of fact, in this example, a dumb classifier that just labels everything as Futbol for this dataset would manage to have much more than a 95% accuracy and would work much better than your fancy Deep Neural Network!

In any case, this simple example proves that you will always have the need to understand your domain and do some feature engineering, favor simple models whenever possible, and most likely use ensembles.

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