AI News, Why we need to protect our income from robot automation

Why we need to protect our income from robot automation

And while this might be good for efficiency and productivity, it could leave thousands facing redundancy and change the face of the workplace forever.” But Phipps remains optimistic that if people work to reskill now, they can protect their future earning potential from the bots.

“The roles most at risk are those which are most routine and whose tasks andprocedures are easy to ‘bake’ into algorithms, [such as] insurance claims and legal procedures.” But if robots and other automated systems do become capable of learning faster, performing work more efficiently and never need a coffee break, how can humans compete and protect their future pay?

The future will see a huge increase in demand for human-to-human roles, creative industries, and of course, IT.” Wasch is clear that workers need to either develop the skills that allow them to master the machines or move into creative sectors where it seems unlikely technology can follow.

Areas like encryption, authentication and security have been growing at an exponential rate in the last two years, and demand for cyber security specialists is increasing in tandem.” Andy Parker, of the firm Udacity Europe, says it’s up to workers to keep their CVs competitive and protect their ability to earn.

Wasch adds: “One of the most effective ways to secure earning potential in the future is to find or invent a role that relies on creativity – you can’t program it, and it’s a future-proof industry.” Productive processes Not everyone is worried about what robots mean forwages.

“In fact, the use of robotic process automation and cognitive bots to execute mundane and repetitive tasks, such as purchase order reconciliation, data entry or even compliance reporting, is designed to make work more human by freeing up workers from process-driven repetitive tasks and providing them with the time and space to do jobs that only humans can do.

“By freeing humans from mundane tasks and handing them to bots that can process them more efficiently, people will be able to do what they do best: use human intellect, be creative and interact with other people collaboratively to create real value for the business.

“Doing work that creates that added value – far more so than routine clerical data entry or manipulation – cannot but have a positive impact on the business as a whole with a matched impact on employability and pay for those workers.”

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