AI News, Why is machine learning so popular?

Why is machine learning so popular?

Traditional analytics like BI are severely limited in that they try to support decisions by surfacing simple trends and patterns and leaving the onus of decision making entirely on the end user.

Translating naive intuitions into hard-coded business rules restricts all software to simplistic low-variable trends that have little to do with real world complexity.

In addition, what has been learned by machine learning can be transferred and scaled across multiple applications and millions of users, which is a much more practical approach to integrating expertise into data-intensive products (which is fast becoming ALL products).

This represents a unique challenge for Data Scientists and Software Developers to meet in the middle, in order to produce applications that have both well-tested explicit instructions, but can also maneuver in situations that cannot be explicitly designed for upfront.

It is a natural outgrowth of humanity’s demand to create technologies that extend our own biology and improve our ability to meet today’s toughest challenges.

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