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Artificial Intelligence: Why You Should Enable Deep Learning And Video Analytics

After helping to oversee Pelco’s rebuilding phase, he expects to step away from daily involvement over time.

says Hart, given industry changes such as price erosion and the transition from analog to IP systems.

Pelco maintains its headquarters in Fresno, Calif., and has a presence in Fort Collins, Colo., near Denver, and a sales office in the New York area, not to mention many global employees who work remotely.

Part of defining the new company is to become more aligned with a specific set of verticals that fit with Pelco’s capabilities (although they are not saying which verticals those are yet).

Innovation in products We want customers to see innovation in products to a point when people will say ‘this is Pelco’' “We have to let the products and experience speak for themselves.

We’re focused on getting our ducks in a row and going in a new direction, but actions speak louder than words,”

The room gave the company a chance to respond to integrators and consultants at GSX who had questions about what was going on with the acquisition.

“Everybody is rooting for us, and we wanted the ability to get out and say ‘we’re here, we’re doing things, and we’re excited about the future,’”

We will be launching new products in the next eight months, although there will not be a defined moment in time when we say ‘this is it.’

In the new era, Rawling expects to target marketing more toward end-users, because they have more influence on product selection than ever before, he says.

End users often learn about new products online, so Pelco will be looking to target its marketing toward educating various vertical markets about available technologies and their use cases.

The impact deep learning is having on artificial intelligence - Samsung NEXT

At the VB Transform conference in San Francisco, founder Yosi demonstrated how easy it is for machines to learn skills that just a few years ago, only people could pick up.

who served for almost 10 years in the Israeli Defense Forces as a software developer, co-founded in 2016 to help software engineers train artificial intelligence to do their jobs faster.

Since then, MissingLink has joined the Samsung NEXT product team and launched its platform to help data scientists manage their deep learning operations — what it calls “DeepOps.”

He said it is possible to get started in less than a month thanks to deep learning tools developed in the past few years that enable software to learn by example — thousands of examples at a time — rather than having to be taught.

Just as the brain works by forming electrochemical connections between millions of brain cells, called neurons, deep learning works by forming associations between nodes defined by software.

Now, teaching an AI machine new tricks — such as recognizing objects or how to play a game — is as simple as showing it enough examples or demonstrating various permutations over and over.

That’s when deep learning became mainstream — thanks in part to the work of Stanford University computer scientist Fei-Fei Li, who led the creation of a dataset comprised of 15 million images grouped into 22,000 categories.

an example of just how far an AI can get in learning to perform tasks with superhuman accuracy, Yosi pointed to AlphaGo, a program developed by DeepMind Technologies, a UK-based company owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

With 10 to the power of 170 possible configurations on a board with 64 squares, Go has far more possible configurations than chess, making it an ideal proving ground for AI.

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