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Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation Creating New State Commission to Study Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

The commission will also examine how these innovative technologies have been used and regulated by other states, determine whether current New York laws are effective in regulating them, and make recommendations for how the State can leverage existing uses and, if necessary, update laws to protect industries and residents.

This review will include meetings with key stakeholder groups to understand the full landscape of AI, robotics and automation as emerging technologies within the business, nonprofit, academic and governmental sectors.

Artificial intelligence: should we fear it or love it?

He will discuss the challenges involved in AI in relation to the strong feelings it engenders in humans and address questions such as concerns about the labour market, liabilities and biases that should be taken into account when applying this kind of technology.

He has published over 200 journal and conference papers, mainly in the fields of problem solving methods (heuristic search and automated planning) and machine learning.

We Cannot Fear Artificial Intelligence with Ben Eubanks at #SHRM19

He has written a fantastic book “Artificial Intelligence for HR” which is a wonderful deep read on how we can use AI to support and develop a successful workforce.

AI promises three things to add value to your day to day work: AI is not just about doing things faster – we’ve all been a part of (or heard of) an implementation of technology that didn’t improve the process, it only took the current labor-intense process and made it faster.

When I think about how many phone screens I’ve done with candidates who aren’t able to work the schedule of the position posted.

If there was a way for the candidates to easily input and update their availability and AI to go find the positions that match their qualifications?

So before we celebrate and cheer the humans – note the humans DID use some machine work to whittle down their possible lists.

Let’s use a machine to narrow down candidate pools so we are focused on the right candidates and not spending 20 plus hours on those who aren’t.

Think about the questions that come into HR that are currently answered by a human: The chatbot allows for a level of personalization that can be hard when hundreds of calls are coming into HR on a daily basis. People are actually saying thank you to the chatbot at the end of the conversation!

This helps create a comfort level with the organization, a familiarity that starts the engagement from the very beginning of the employment relationship.

In addition to the concern around robots taking our jobs, there is a lot of concern around the bias that shows up when you use a machine to find candidates.

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