AI News, Why Did Google Release A Crash Course On Machine Learning

Why Did Google Release A Crash Course On Machine Learning

They have demonstrated the same time and time again, by taking steps like the acquisition of DeepMind and the introduction of a free online course in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

It covers fundamentals of ML such as loss and gradient descent, building classification models, building neural network, ML engineering, and understanding all of it with real life examples.

While their support for ML developments and producing more experts in the field might seem like an obvious answer to why Google introduced the course, a section of the community is drawing some other interesting conclusions: The Cloud War: We covered in our previous article that Google is getting into a cloud war with other providers such as Amazon and Microsoft.

A report by Synergy Research Group suggested that while the cloud market continues to grow strongly in all regions around the world, Google still has to catch up, compared to the steady growth of 40 percent increase displayed by AWS.

To keep up the competition and stay ahead of the game, this move by Google could expose MLCC learners to Google’s Cloud and TensorFlow, thereby increasing the chances of getting them to be frequent users of their Cloud.

Amidst the fierce competition for products that Google is offering, AI and ML forms an extensive part, and through its course, Google is trying to tackle some of these problems such as get more people to use TensorFlow, provide free cloud storage, attract individuals to work for the company and rush towards advanced ML, so that they can get a track of best minds in the field.

By structuring the exercises around TensorFlow framework and giving a free access to their cloud environment, they are hoping to win users by exposing them to the convenience it offers over others.

Whether aimed at attracting users for revenue generation and winning the cloud war or building a strong developer community, it is a win-win situation for users to say the least.

The partnership will explore a range of initiatives such as conducting training programmes, sensitising policymakers, improving government functionaries around relevant AI tools and others.

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