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Artificial Intelligence Is Our Future. But Will It Save Or Destroy Humanity?

However, Shostak doesn’t believe sophisticated AI will end up enslaving the human race — instead, he predicts, humans will simply become immaterial to these hyper-intelligent machines.

Shostak thinks that these machines will exist on an intellectual plane so far above humans that, at worst, we will be nothing more than a tolerable nuisance.

Some experts predict that AI could enhance our humanity. In 2010, Swiss neuroscientist Pascal Kaufmann founded Starmind, a company that plans to use self-learning algorithms to create a “superorganism”

Better understanding of our own brains would not only lead to AI sophisticated enough to rival human intelligence, but also to better brain-computer interfaces to enable a dialogue between the two.

Why the biggest challenge facing AI is an ethical one

Most aspects of our lives are now touched by artificial intelligence in one way or another, from deciding what books or flights to buy online to whether our job applications are successful, whether we receive a bank loan, and even what treatment we receive for cancer.

We asked a panel of technologists what this rapidly changing world brimming with brilliant machines has in store for humans.

Peter Norvig, director of research at Google For Peter Norvig, director of research at Google and a pioneer of machine learning, the data-driven AI technique behind so many of its recent successes, the key issue is working out how to ensure that these new systems improve society as a whole –

For Jonathan Zittrain, a professor of internet law at Harvard Law School, there is a danger that the increasing complexity of computer systems might prevent them from getting the scrutiny they need.

In many crucial areas, such as the criminal justice system and healthcare, companies are already exploring the effectiveness of using artificial intelligence to make decisions about parole or diagnose disease.

“There is increasing desire by regulators, civil society, and social theorists to see these technologies be fair and ethical, but these concepts are fuzzy at best,”

For example, China’s Foxconn Technology Group, which supplies Apple and Samsung, has announced it aims to replace 60,000 factory workers with robots, and Ford’s factory in Cologne, Germany puts robots right on the floor alongside humans.

What’s more, if increasing automation has a big impact on employment it could have a knock-on effect on people’s mental health.

“If you look at what gives people meaning in their lives, it’s three things: meaningful relationships, passionate interests, and meaningful work,”

He says that in regions where jobs have been lost when factories close down can face increased risk of suicide, substance abuse and depression.

Danah Boyd, Microsoft Research Darling points out that many big-name companies, like Google, already have ethics boards in place to monitor the development and deployment of their AI.

“It's important that machine learning be researched openly and spread via open publications and open-source code, so we can all share in the rewards,”

If we are to develop industry and ethical standards and get a full understanding of what’s at stake, then creating a braintrust of ethicists, technologists and corporate leaders will be important.

“Our work is less to worry about a science fiction robot takeover and more to see how technology can be used to help with human reflection and decision-making, rather than to entirely substitute for it,”

The real risks of artificial intelligence

As smart systems become involved in ever more decisions in arenas ranging from healthcare to finance to criminal justice, there is a danger that important parts of our lives are being made without sufficient scrutiny.

Very simply, it’s machines doing things that are considered to require intelligence when humans do them: understanding natural language, recognising faces in photos, driving a car, or guessing what other books we might like based on what we have previously enjoyed reading.

It’s the difference between a mechanical arm on a factory production line programmed to repeat the same basic task over and over again, and an arm that learns through trial and error how to handle different tasks by itself.

The leading approach to AI right now is machine learning, in which programs are trained to pick out and respond to patterns in large amounts of data, such as identifying a face in an image or choosing a winning move in the board game Go.

Google’s artificial intelligence company DeepMind are collaborating with the UK’s National Health Service in a handful of projects, including ones in which their software is being taught to diagnose cancer and eye disease from patient scans.

For example, the system at the heart of the Port Botany container terminal in Sydney manages the movement of thousands of shipping containers in and out of the port, controlling a fleet of automated, driverless straddle-carriers in a completely human-free zone.

Similarly, in the mining industry, optimisation engines are increasingly being used to plan and coordinate the movement of a resource, such as iron ore, from initial transport on huge driverless mine trucks, to the freight trains that take the ore to port.

AIs are at work wherever you look, in industries from finance to transportation, monitoring the share market for suspicious trading activity or assisting with ground and air traffic control.

This was because in normal situations, people with pneumonia and a history of asthma go straight to intensive care and therefore get the kind of treatment that significantly reduces their risk of dying.

What Is The Ultimate Goal Of Artificial Intelligence?

Fire enabled cooking, and humans started to eat more kinds of food, devoted less time in eating from five hours on raw food to one-hour on cooked food, and over a period of time they started having smaller teeth and shorter intestines.

Yes, some are myths and some statements made recently are overhyped but there is no doubt if machine’s goals are misaligned with ours then we need to ask ourselves “What kind of future we want?” and “What is a good life?” What is the relationship of a man to nature?

Advanced societies will simply work fewer hours per week and only highly skilled people will have work, rest will get universal basic income or basic support free of cost.

In the ancient time the awareness about your own morality was used to change the relationship with the universe and bring you closer to yourself, but not anymore now even kids would know that death is wrong. In ancient days death was considered great, today the subject of death is ignored and we assumed it as something bad, and tomorrow death will be wrong.

We are creating “a globally networked, electronic, sentient being” Omohundro writes in “The Nature of Self-Improving Artificial Intelligence” 💬 Given the complexities of the real world, artificial intelligence learning agents are unlikely to learn and act optimally all the time.

In his book, Darwin Among the Machines, George Dyson argues 💬 Machines will become great at persuasion and can drive humanity to a common goal or it can devise its own long-term goal that does not act in accordance with human values.

A seemingly benign viral game about paperclips reveals why AI could be a huge danger to humanity Instrumental convergence is the hypothetical tendency for most sufficiently intelligent agents to pursue certain instrumental goals such as self-preservation and resource acquisition.

Bostrom also stated that artificial intelligence-based society will be like “A society of economic miracles and technological awesomeness, with nobody there to benefit” like “A Disneyland without children.” Instead of having multiple artificial intelligence based governance system, Nick suggests to have a singleton and believes that only a singleton can control this evolution.

Silicon Valley has already promised us immortality and machine learning algorithms are exceedingly prominent in our everyday experiences Best reference we had of God is –the Bible, Slowly our inner personal consciousness that observes everything around and inside us will become conditioned based on artificial intelligence based technologies as I stated in my earlier article 🔗 Will artificial intelligence bring back the god?

Everyone just falls over dead.” Grave threats to human civilization, from asteroid, strikes to climate change to artificial intelligence run amok, Elon wants to make sure that there’s enough of a seed of human civilization somewhere else perhaps on Mars so that we can generate life back on earth — in case of an existential threat.

Musk has also shown his concerns about World War III 💬 In his another tweet he talks about regulating artificial intelligence 💬 OpenAI is a non-profit AI research company, discovering and enacting the path to safe artificial general intelligence.

Their mission is to create formal processes for keeping technologies private when there are safety concerns and to focus on long-term research, working on problems that require us to make fundamental advances in artificial intelligence capabilities “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” Stephen Hawking said a few years back.

Stephen also said in a speech given at Web Summit 💬“Perhaps we should all stop for a moment and focus not only on making our AI better and more successful but also on the benefit of humanity” Artificial intelligence may give us something that the kings and queens of old could never conquer: the aging process.

On artificial intelligence, and its impact on the future of life on earth and beyond, its societal implications, Max believes that artificial intelligence will exceed human intelligence and become pervasive in society.

Max Tegmark, an MIT physics professor has emerged as a top advocate for research on artificial intelligence safety, in his recent book 📚Life 3.0 -Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, he explains how artificial intelligence research will likely lead to the creation of a super intelligent AI.

Artificial intelligence could solve all our thorny problems and help humanity flourish like never before” While we have been witnessing the impact of automation on jobs for the last one decade and now it had become an issue of tremendous importance — and with increasing developments in the field of self-learning artificial intelligence and machine learning, technology is moving faster than ever, faster than our need to innovate, faster than we can adapt.

We are now creating “a globally networked, electronic, sentient being” In his book 📚 Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era, James Barrat says:- If we build a machine with the intellectual capability of one human, within five years, its successor will be more intelligent than all of humanity combined.

Eric Hoffer said it correctly 💬 It should not be that once again just because we feel protected we start worshipping the authority (enslaved to robots and algorithms) and in order to increase our “citizen score” we start displaying multiple patterns of obedience and we all become the victim of surveillance capitalism run by tech junkies.

Credible and safe artificial intelligence based systems should be built on the robust methodology of 1) Verification (“Did I build the system right?”), 2) Validity (“Did I build the right system?”), 3) Security, 4) Control (“OK, I built the system wrong, can I fix it?”) Should an autonomous car jeopardize a driver over a pedestrian?

Failing that, 🔗Artificial intelligence will just remain an Alchemy based on the “trial and error” methods Artificial intelligence is going to be one of the most competitive benefits in the business in the near future and each organization should have a plan, not to just apply artificial intelligence, but to continuously think, adapt and innovate how artificial intelligence can help in the journey.

Why AI Is The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Imagine

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