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Discover the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set

The Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS) is an online data collection service that covers the adult social care workforce in England.

It's the leading source of workforce information for the whole adult social care sector.Social care employers open accounts and enter worker information into the ASC-WDS.

Within the next few weeks, when users are logged into their account, they will see an alert to show expired training so they can easily identify action they need to take to address this.

new insight report which shows your data with benchmarks to local providers will be emailed on a regular basis to account holders.

The workforce is key to adult social care as it’s crucial to the quality of care experienced, the success of care providers and the funding needed.

The government, the Department of Health and Social Care, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), local authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and other sector stakeholders all need access to high quality adult social care workforce information.

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