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How China Is Dominating Artificial Intelligence

The study found that there is a strong connection between bold, disruption-friendly management styles including actively putting AI high on the agenda, encouraging rapid development and piloting, and fostering cross-functional, agile R&D, all leading to AI industry leadership.

BCG found that structural improvements at the national level do play an important role in laying the foundations for AI growth—investments in data infrastructure, in research hubs and networks, and higher education for IT and data-related fields.

5 Futuristic Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Buy

[Editor’s note: This story was originally published June 2017.

It has since been updated and republished, as we believe these artificial intelligence stocks remain valuable.] Everyone is buzzing about artificial intelligencestocks right now.

Market experts say artificial intelligence will lead the next wave of economic growth and productivity for at least the next couple of decades.

To find the best investing opportunities in AI right now, welooked for five stocks with a“strong buy”consensus rating fromtheStreet’s top analysts.

By limiting the ratings to best-performing analysts, we cut out analysts with poortrack records to find recommendations investors can trust.

Anew report by IDCand commissioned by CRM found that AI technologies will create more than 800,000 new jobs and add $1.1 trillion to global GDP by 2021.

He raised his price target to $130 two months ago, while Brad Zelnick of Credit Suisse reitererated their price target of $125 four days ago.

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)has made the most AI purchases out of any tech firm calculatedresearch firm Quid, which shows that GOOG has made 20 acquisitions, including predictive analytics platform Kaggle in Q1 2017.

AutoML uses neural networks to build better neural networks, essentially creating an AI that can create itself.

Delphi grew by 30% in 2016 and is predicting revenue of $16.5 billion to 16.9 billion for the full year 2017.

Our Mission is to Transform the Business Enterprise with AI Solutions

Our chairman, CEO and primary owner is Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, who has built over 30 successful companies.

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Investing With Artificial Intelligence

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