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First Blockchain Company Gets Listed on Deutsche Börse-Operated Xetra Exchange

According to recent data, Xetra accounted for €131.4 billion ($149 billion) of Deutsche Börse’s total cash markets €146.0 billion ($165 billion) turnover in May 2019, with an average daily Xetra trading volume of €6 billion ($6.79 billion).

While details of the partnership remain to be finalized and made binding in Q3 2019, DGap reports that their future collaboration will involve the peaq project and Advanced Blockchain AG’s proprietary protocol DAGchain, which uses an AI-powered decentralized consensus algorithm and incorporates proof-of-stake (PoS) elements.

As previously reported, Deutsche Börse has itself made multiple inroads into the blockchain space, this spring entering into a strategic partnership with Swiss state-owned telecoms firm Swisscom, and Swiss and Singapore-based fintech Sygnum to build out a compliant financial market infrastructure for digital assets.

Russia Won’t Ban Facebook’s Libra Currency, Deputy Finance Minister Says

The Russian Ministry of Finance will not issue any special regulations for Facebook’s upcoming digital currency Libra, deputy minister Alexei Moisseev said Monday.

Although it is not the leading social media platform in Russia, Facebook has a significant presence in the world’s ninth most populous country, with a 39 percent market share by one measure.

Facebook’s vision for Libra – a global cryptocurrency backed by a basket of fiat currencies – has riled regulators and politicians worldwide, with the U.S. Congress set to hold hearings this month and the G7 forming a task force to study the project.

Moisseev also told reporters that many businesspeople were asking about opportunities to conduct transparent initial coin offerings (ICOs) and a new law for it will be ready soon.

Trump steps into North Korea

Why it matters: The West for decades has seen the North Korean side of the DMZ, a "vestige of the Cold War,"

Speaking to U.S. reporters after saying goodbye to Kim, Trump trumpeted progress they have made over the past two and a half years: "You don’t report it accurately, but that’s OK.

The backdrop: The meeting occurred after Trump tweeted an invitation to Kim some 36 hours earlier.

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