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How Tech Giants Are Devising Real Ethics for Artificial Intelligence

One recommendation in the report is to raise the awareness of and expertise about artificial intelligence at all levels of government, Dr. Stone said.

industry group is modeled on a similar human rights effort known as the Global Network Initiative, in which corporations and nongovernmental organizations are focused on freedom of expression and privacy rights, according to someone briefed by the industry organizers but not authorized to speak about it publicly.

Separately, Reid Hoffman, a founder of LinkedIn who has a background in artificial intelligence, is in discussions with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab to fund a project exploring the social and economic effects of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence and digital communication are disrupting the contact center space

The customer service (contact center) space is accelerating faster than the market has ever seen up to this point.

They’re turning the conservative call center space into cutting-edge contact centers by helping them give up the expense and complexity of their hosted gear for easy-to-use, budget-friendly software as a service products in the cloud.

They’re doing a great job of convincing and it’s coming at the expense of the traditional on-premise sellers at nearly 24% year over year growth (projected average over the next five years).

Thing is, as fast as industry hardware giants like Avaya and Cisco are giving way to the new cloud platforms, the new cloud players are, if they’re not careful, going to be disrupted by the movement of digital channels with artificial intelligence before their own disruptive behavior is halfway capitalized.

But even as those channels have steadily reduced the inbound call volume over the last five years, it hasn’t been until the recent resurgence of artificial intelligence that contact center operators have seriously questioned their entire operations model.

Now that many have read the whitepapers and case studies and have tasted what it’s like to see real cost of service savings with digital, they’re chomping at the bit for artificial intelligence and the idea of replacing percentages of front line work with bots.

confess, up until as recently as six months ago, I would have said we’re well over five years out from seeing humans being replaced in material percentages on the front line of the contact center.

And if you really want to go off on a tangent, start thinking about how that will impact everyone’s per-person pricing models and what that will do to the large industry incumbents who can’t afford to switch to cost-effective usage-based models….

At this year’s EmTech Digital, we’ll be looking especially closely at the firms leading China’s AI revolution, at how AI is permeating enterprises from manufacturing to retail, and at the ethical dilemmas that have recently emerged as machines take on bigger and more complex decisions, causing algorithms to reveal their hidden biases.

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