AI News, What is your review of NYU MS in Data Science?

What is your review of NYU MS in Data Science?

Department is also making efforts to support its students significantly, so they have some additional company talks specifically for Data Science and big data etc to supplement the NYU placement cell.

So I can't give you the major challanges that must be faced by othe Data science students, but I can think of a couple of reasons why the rating might not be as good as I think the structure of the program is.

from statistics, computer science or from industries of different nature, So many would not be comfortable with the kind of topics being taught or preliminary knowledge that are being utilized in the courses and assignments.

Like, not everyone would be comfortabe with programming or may be statistics involved in courses like machine learning and hence, you would have to put some extra efforts yourself to get comfortable with the subject.

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23 Courses (95 hours) 16 Courses (64 hours) This track is basically a shorter version of the data scientist with R track where you'll stop just before the more advanced machine learning courses.

Just like in the data scientist with R course, you'll get the same great intro to intermediate R courses, but then it starts branching off into financial-specific topics, like bond and portfolio analysis, credit risk modeling, and even signal-based trading with R and quantstrat.

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