AI News, What is your favorite machine-learning code?

What is your favorite machine-learning code?

It was introduced under a different name into the text retrieval community in the early 1960s, and remains a popular (baseline) method for text categorization, the problem of judging documents as belonging to one category or the other (such as spam or legitimate, sports or politics, etc.) with word frequencies as the features.

Text Classification Using Naive Bayes

This is a low math introduction and tutorial to classifying text using Naive Bayes. One of the most seminal methods to do so.

Naive Bayes Classification with R | Example with Steps

Provides steps for applying Naive Bayes Classification with R. Data: R file: Machine Learning videos: .

Naive Bayes Classifier - Multinomial Bernoulli Gaussian Using Sklearn in Python - Tutorial 32

In this Python for Data Science tutorial, You will learn about Naive Bayes classifier (Multinomial Bernoulli Gaussian) using scikit learn and Urllib in Python to how ...

Andrew Ng Naive Bayes Text Clasification

This set of videos come from Andrew Ng's courses on Stanford OpenClassroom at ..

K mean clustering algorithm with solve example

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Naive Bayes 3: Gaussian example

How can we use Naive Bayes classifier with continuous (real-valued) attributes? We estimate the priors and the means / variances for the ..

Lecture 37 — Text Categorization Methods | UIUC

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Probability Theory - The Math of Intelligence #6

We'll build a Spam Detector using a machine learning model called a Naive Bayes Classifier! This is our first real dip into probability theory in the series; I'll talk ...

naive bayes classifier example

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Features and Labels Musical Example

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