AI News, BOOK REVIEW: What is the role of deep learning AI in marketing?

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NEW YORK (PRWEB)FEBRUARY 05, 2019 Cognitiv, the first self-learning, fully automated neural network technology available for marketers, today announced its NeuralMind™platform has been named Best Ad Tech/Programmatic Company in the annualCognitivDMN Awardscompetition.

Deep Learning in Finance Summit schedule

Achieving Financial Fairness in Deep Learning Fairness in machine learning - including deep learning - is a very complex concept that does not have a single solution.

As an example Insight of this session, one thing is to detect a biased algorithm which with the right methodology and approach can be done in many cases but a very different one is to fix them – which in certain cases is extremely complex.

He came from WPP, where he spent 7 years: two as Kantar ( WPP) Global CTO, leading the strategy of the global technology function and focusing on the new generation of market research platforms.He also spent 5 years in GroupM (WPP), as the EMEA Chief Information Officer (CIO).’s AI Accelerator enables new startups to push boundaries of real-world AI technology

this week, gave the accelerator’s inaugural group of startups an opportunity

critical role in fulfilling the needs arising from a current shortage of experienced

across various parts of business which includes legal, retail, HR and logistics.

Chinese cities become a smart city by integrating its work on AI, big data and

The brand will be focusing on becoming an industry digitalisation partner and ‘intelligent total solution provider’

The firm is keeping a close eye on a number of smart city constructions in China and will also be working with the local governments in Suqian and Nantong, Jiangsu province and Xiongan New Area till the end of 2019 to build more smart cities.


You upload a picture of a sunny day as an input, upload a bunch of pictures of night time as variables, and then get the original picture but now it's night time.

The potential of this technology over the next 5 years— and yes, I'm saying five years, not fifteen or twenty five or fifty— is going to lead to people with no skill in machine learning or artistry to be able to alter existing media almost completely as well as generate some kinds of new media.

Back specifically on the topic of audio style transfer, this includes being able to take a song, any song, and altering at your leisure in a variety of different ways ranging from adding or subtracting instruments, swapping the vocalist or removing them entirely, and perhaps even extending the song in an "intelligent"

My classic desire is taking TLC's Waterfalls and turning it into a barbershop quartet, complete with the mustachioed men singing in tune with all the 1920s graininess you'd expect.

But that was only ever a problem for the old era of digital software, where things had to be cut up and easily able to fit into bits and pieces and then essentially standardized as if you're playing something on a synth.

The very first thing to come to mind is putting words in someone else's mouth for political purposes, as can be demonstrated here: If the latter sounds too robotic, don't fret/relax.

The crappy free text-to-speech programs you might find with a Google search or in a PDF file is as representative of the state of the art as a bottle rocket is of the military's explosive ordinance.

We're not going to struggle with image synthesis for 20 years, then struggle with audio synthesis for 20 years, and so on until we reach a point in the distant future where you can't trust anything you see.

If you're someone who wants to become a career artist/model/voice actor/musician/animator/writer/comic artist/newscaster and expect to find consistent work for the next 50 years, (first, good luck regardless) make these next five to ten years count and/or try considering jumping into the former category.

Everyone said that all the drudgery of the world would be automated first, freeing up workers to pursue the arts because "a machine could never write a poem, pen a song, or paint a work of art".

One of my future-shock angsts is about schooling and how public and private schools in their current form are utterly unable to prepare children for the future into which they will graduate (a future in which school itself may become obsolete because there will be little point for it besides social functions and raw education, which isn't what American schooling is for).

Could you imagine inventing the telephone in 2019 and either A) not encrypting the data (landlines) or B) using weak 64bit A5/1 encryption (GSM)?* TLDR Skynet wants to become a singer and artist, and Dad (i.e.

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