AI News, What is the data science topic FAQ?

What is the data science topic FAQ?

Since the number of questions is incredibly large (over 300 in total), it would not be reasonable to expect people to have answered all the questions.

However, it is important that we understand the demographics of our respondents so that we are in a better position to interpret the results and not naively take them at face value.

Country Different countries tend to have different preferences and trends when it comes to things such as technology stacks, age group and education levels of their data scientists.

Age Next, let's take a look at the distribution of ages of our respondents.Our respondents are relatively young with more than 75% of the population being under 37 years of age.

Let us have a look at the data to get our answer.A large fraction of our users have a Master's Degree which alludes the importance of formal education in the field of Data Science.

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