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5 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence for Customer Support

It’s no secret that the customer experience (CX) has risen to the top priorities of most companies today.

Businesses are putting a lot of effort into ensuring that their customers not only enjoy their experience with a company or service, but that they want to share that experience with others.

Everyone can relate to stories of sitting on hold seemingly forever just to ask a customer support agent a simple question.

With this said, let’s evaluate five ways you can use artificial intelligence customer support to help your support team… Click to download our whitepaper on how strong customer service is a great growth strategy!

5 Questions Marketers Need to Answer About Artificial Intelligence

There are some key questions that marketers need to ask—and answer—about artificial intelligence if they want to stay ahead of the curve.

Billions in funding are flooding the space, and companies are using that money to pioneer AI-powered solutions that predict, personalize, and perform at scale.

In the process, AI is having a massive impact on marketers’ performance, job security, ethical approaches, and business use cases.

Machine learning makes predictions about the future based on historical data, then gets better at these predictions over time—without human involvement.

lot of marketers think they can just go ask vendors and service providers for AI, then get an out-of-the-box solution that magically fixes all their marketing problems.

Start with finding viable use cases for AI, Roetzer recommends, and start asking providers of your current marketing technology where AI and machine learning fit into their roadmap.

And Roetzer’s educated guess says that AI is primarily intended to augment and enhance the capabilities of humans, creating an effective pairing of human and machine.

This is a critical conversation the industry needs to start having, says Roetzer, because it’s very likely that some marketing jobs will cease to exist in the near future thanks to AI.

And you can bet that the evolving balance here will inform how marketers are able to collect and use the data that powers innovative AI solutions.

Don’t be afraid to ask providers where AI is on the product roadmap, and bet on the companies taking a strategic approach to building smarter products.

MAICON is designed to help marketing leaders truly understand AI, educate their teams, garner executive support, pilot priority AI uses cases, and develop a near-term strategy for successfully scaling AI.

MAICON has 40+ sessions and 60+ speakers from companies like Amazon and Softbank Robotics, all of which are designed to help you build a real competitive advantage with AI.Learn more here.

Written questions and answers

Distance learning offers excellent possibilities to open up choice and opportunity to people from a diverse range of backgrounds, including those from rural areas, and the government believes it should be widely available at a range of educational levels.

It will help individuals to respond to the changing labour market, redirect their careers and secure better, more secure jobs of the future.

Technological innovation and development, including in AI, will play an important part in improving the learning experience, design and effectiveness of online training.

Working closely with the technology industry we will look to innovate, test and develop ways in which technological solutions can directly answer the specific needs of NRS users alongside all learners.

Through recent HE reforms, we are working to support and encourage high quality new and innovative provision that has a strong offer for students, helping providers to navigate the regulatory system and we will continue to work with new providers to tackle any barriers that might arise.

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