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What is Artificial Intelligence? Here's a guide with all you wanted to know

Despite the fact that it’s over 50 years old, most people don’t know what this field of study is all about.

With so many complicated names, like machine learning, neural circuits, deep learning, predictive analysis etc., it’s totally understandable that people get confused.

The term AI was born when a group of scientists conducted a study with the goal of making machines understand and use human language and then keep on going on their own.

The study was done in 1955, but the term wasn’t officially invented until one year later, after the study’s success.

It was named 'artificial intelligence' because a machine could actually be considered “intelligent” if it demonstrated anything that resembled human intelligence.

The process actually involves nothing more than programming computers in a new way using huge amounts of data to train them, so they can carry out certain tasks that humans normally do.

Modern AI is being used in a lot of different fields for different purposes, including reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, communication, perception, displacement, and manipulation of objects.

turning point in health care: artificial limbs have been very useful to improve quality of life for people affected by illness or accidents.

This goes back to machine learning: through self-learning algorithms, machine learning can break down the vast array of Big Data to create very specific targeting experiences.

Similarly, personal shopping assistants, voice activated applications and chatbots, and interaction systems that generate conversations have been created.

There are systems that can analyze huge volumes of unstructured data and identify hidden product attributes or trends in real time.

An excellent example in this field is Adext AI, a new system that uses intelligent algorithms to detect the latest and most successful trends in digital advertising campaigns published on the main internet platforms, so its currently achieving anaverage increasing in ads performance of 83%.

It uses advanced Machine Learningand Artificial Intelligencetechnologies tofind the most profitable audience forany kind of online ad.It also automates budget management and optimization across several demographic groups and multiplechannels (such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram)to ensure it gets you more leads and sales, at the lowest costs per conversion through 480 daily changes into each ad.

Just take a look at these applications, which you have probably already heard of or used, and you’ll get an idea of how common it really is these days.

If this article leaves you with a sense of curiosity or disbelief, then you should read ‘'How many jobs will be lost because of AI?” Is the wrong question’ for a more complete understanding of the subject.

Porn: you know it when you see it, but can a computer?

As soon as it was deployed, the AI system Tumblr had chosen to oversee its first wave of moderation began erroneously flagging innocent posts across the site’s 455.4 million blogs and 168.2 billion posts: vases, witches, fishes, and everything in between.

While it’s not clear what automated filter Tumblr was using, or whether it had created its own — the company did not respond to a request for comment for this story — it’s evident that the social network had been caught flat-footed in both its policies and its technology.

Ohio, a court case about whether Ohio could ban the showing of a famed Louis Malle film, the Supreme Court produced what’s probably the most famous line on hardcore pornography today: “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description;

One of their products, Iris, is a client-side application meant specifically to detect pornography in order “to help folks,” as DeLorge says, “who don’t want porn in their life.” He pointed out to me that the other problem is that porn can be so many different things — and images that aren’t porn share features with images that are.

“Really when the definition becomes hard for humans, that’s when machine learning also has difficulty.” If people can’t agree on what is or isn’t porn, can a computer ever hope to learn the difference?

“It’s one of those kind of legal gray areas where, like, if you’re training on other people’s content, does it belong to you?” After you’ve got a training data set from your favorite porn site, the next step is to rip out all the frames from the videos that aren’t explicitly porn to make sure that the frames you’re using “are not, like, a guy holding a pizza box.” Platforms pay people in places mostly outside of the US to label that content;

“Like these fake profiles that people put up that are like a picture of a girl, and then a phone number to call.” Here he’s referring to sex workers looking for clients, but it could easily be anything else that’s questionably legal.

“That’s not porn, but it’s stuff you don’t want on your platform, right?” A good automated moderator is trained on millions — if not tens of millions — of explicit pieces of content, which means a good deal of human effort has gone into the model.

Zeiler’s company uses its models to train new ones for its customers — because the original model has processed more data, the customized versions only need new training data from the client to get up and running.

(Toxicity is just as tricky to identify in text comments as pornography is in images.) Facebook uses the same kind of automated filtering to identify suicidal posts and content related to terrorism, and it has attempted to use the technology to spot fake news on its massive platform.

A wedding blog Clarifai used to work with used its product to automate content moderation, and the human editors who’d formerly been in charge of approving images were moved to working on more qualitative tagging tasks.

In the same way that Stripe and Square offer readymade payment solutions for businesses that don’t want to process them internally, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) has established itself as the place where sites are hosted, startups like Zeiler’s Clarifai, DeLorge’s Picnix, and Shapiro’s are vying to be the one-stop solution to content moderation online.

The point of an artificial intelligence, as Alison Adam put it in her 1998 book Artificial Knowing: Gender and the Thinking Machine, is to “model some aspect of human intelligence,” whether that’s learning, moving around and interacting in space, reasoning, or using language.

Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence for HR

Aside from doing several podcast episodes on the subject and fielding questions from colleagues and friends, the topic of AI is weighing heavily on my mind because it not only will change the way I work but how future generations including my 10-year-old daughter will be working.

In fact, I’m planning on attending several sessions again at SXSW on the topic of artificial intelligence and related topics including universal basic income which is where many including Peter Weddle think we are heading.

9 YouTube Channels That Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence

Though textbooks can be a great tool, YouTube has a fantastic, reliable, and highly educated community of artificial intelligence experts.

If you were ever bored on a Sunday evening and was looking for artificial intelligence videos on YouTube, you are sure to have come across the charismatic Siraj Raval.

Siraj’s charm makes the world of AI not so scary, providing videos and video projects that are easy to do at home as well as very complex projects for testing your coding skills.

With the background as a data scientist at Facebook, Rohrer is able to break down convoluted ideas in the world of AI and present them into simple and easy to understand concepts.

Speakers on the channel tackle everything under the large umbrella of AI and much more including, technological singularity, transhumanism, anti-aging, synthetic biology, space exploration, technological unemployment, and basic income.

Understanding the role of AI in society and how artificial intelligence could tackle some of the problems people deal with every day are all important topics on your quest to become an AI engineer.

As stated by Robert Miles, “AI safety research is humanity's best attempt to foresee the problems AI might pose and work out ways to ensure that our AI developments are safe and beneficial.”

Looking into AI education and you are sure to come across Udacity, an online school dedicated to teaching the technically curious about machine learning, AI, deep learning and much more.

His love for AI shows in his videos while discussing complex topics that are found in mathematics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

With its engaging visuals, the channel’s creator works hard to convey complex mathematical topics in the simplest ways for viewers.

Nevertheless, the resourceful YouTuber, created his own at home AI curriculum, using the excellent resources available online, and began his path towards AI mastery.

What is Artificial Intelligence Exactly?

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