AI News, What Boston Dynamics Is Working on Next

What Boston Dynamics Is Working on Next

Infuriatingly (for us), the way the company does PR is to just upload awesome videos on YouTube, sit back, and let millions of people be amazed by their newest robotic innovation while we desperately try to get a post up that says something more relevant than“go watch this video right now.”We even showed up at Boston Dynamics ourselves once, and mostly all that we learned was that MarcRaibert is an enigmatic guy on a pogo stick.

We haven’t seen an actual picture of this thing yet, but it sounds like BD has one already, according to Raibert: “I can’t show you the robot yet, but we’re pursuing this pretty aggressively, and I think by the end of the year, you’ll see robots from us thatuse an approach of fabrication that’s more like that.” Boston Dynamics isn’t the only company to be working on this technology;

at ICRA earlier this year, we saw some prototypes of hydraulic actuators that Moog(this Moog, not this Moog)is developingfor the legs ofIIT’s HyQ quadruped robot: These “highly integrated smart actuators” are additively manufactured, and rather than using tubing to channel hydraulic fluid, the fluid is piped directly through the structure of the actuator itself, making it highly robust.

Alphabet’s Boston Dynamics is working on a robot that its founder calls “nightmare inducing”

Boston Dynamics now has a long history of viral videos showing off its latest terrifying robots.

Onstage at the Abundance360 conference in Los Angeles yesterday, the company’s founder, Marc Raibert, showed the audience a video, prefacing it by saying: “This is the debut presentation of what I think will be a nightmare-inducing robot, if you’re anything like me.”

There’s even a clip of it zooming backwards down a hallway and pulling off a jump that would probably be difficult for the average human X-Games competitor to pull off.

The company has been looking for a buyer for Boston Dynamics for months, reportedly after its last robot launch video went viral, and amid what Alphabet perceived to be “some negative threads about it being terrifying.”

Raibert’s presentation also showed off Atlas working in new situations, including walking around a bar room, and helping a human carry a stretcher.

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For more information . . . stay tuned.

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