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Best Online PhD Degrees in Computer Science Doctorate in Computer Science Concentrations & Careers

Degrees are often tailored to a student’s specific interests, and may lead to careers in areas as diverse as artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data management, information security, software engineering, genetics, and robotics.

As a multidisciplinary program that is typically jointly administered by the schools of computer science, mathematics, and business, students can take advantage of the collaborative nature to enter through any of the three schools.

With an ultimate goal of finding solutions to biomedical problems, this research-oriented degree program emphasizes advanced bioengineering, with concentrations in areas like neuroscience, genetics and systems biology.

Bioinformatics involves the development and use of computational tools for gene sequencing, genotyping, and mass spectrometry.Coursework focuses on statistics, life sciences, molecular biology, genetics and other disciplines that influence bioinformatics in fundamental and systems biology.

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