AI News, What are the advantages of machine learning in Devops?

What are the advantages of machine learning in Devops?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can help the humans in DevOps break free from focusing on simple activities.

One aspect of DevOps is automating routine and repeatable actions, and AI and ML can perform these activities with enhanced efficiency to improve the performance of teams and business.

The same survey found that around 85 percent of C-level executives believe AI/ML can offer substantial value in terms of accuracy and rapidity of decision-making, which will lead to improved profitability for the company.

Tracking and organization in a DevOps environment requires effort because of the complexity involved in the distributed application, which traditionally made things difficult for the team to manage and resolve customer issues.

Before the evolution of AI and ML, DevOps team members could spend hundreds of hours and a large amount of resources to identify one point within an exabyte of information.

There are three common ways through which AI may influence DevOps: Enhanced Data Accessibility The lack of unregulated accessibility to data is a critical concern for DevOps teams, which AI can address by releasing data from its formal storage—necessary for big data implementations.

For one, AI can help in managing complex data pipelines and create models that can feed data into app the app development process.

AI/ML can help DevOps teams focus on creativity and innovation by eliminating inefficiencies across the operational life cycle, enabling teams to manage the amount, speed and variability of data.

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