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What Are Examples Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

By now most people recognise—even if they aren't entirely comfortable with the idea—that artificial intelligence is part of our everyday existence.

To help close any awareness gap, take a look at this list of artificial intelligence examples we compiled—some you maybe knew existed but didn’t know AI was the magic behind it and others you might be surprised about.

Email spam filters use machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence, to learn which emails you don’t want or emails that might be dangerous to land in your inbox and filters them out.

Google recently introduced an AI-powered service called Smart Reply that creates short email message replies suggestions based on how you have responded to similar messages before.

If one car effectively manoeuvres to avoid an obstacle in the road, the rest of the fleet will know how to do the exact same thing once software updates are delivered sharing that data.

Drift, a marketing automation company, uses natural language processing and machine learning with chatbots to help businesses make sales and provide customer service more effectively.

ALL of the music on the service is created by AI, and it's tested for its results in creating music the brain craves in order to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Many times, we are well aware that artificial intelligence is powering our tools, products and services, but it is also working behind the scenes in many other places we never realised.

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