AI News, What are 20 questions to detect fake data scientists? The answers should contain math formulas or a few lines of code, not just vague generalizations.

What are 20 questions to detect fake data scientists? The answers should contain math formulas or a few lines of code, not just vague generalizations.

How I interpret the context of this question As a data scientist myself I agree saying the words “fake data scientist” can be elitist.

The standard shouldn’t be there to exclude people from entering the field, but to protect the end users of the products of data science.

The actual questions to test a data scientist during a job interview There should be a series of questions to test the technical competency of doing machine learning hands on.

It could be a bad fit if that data scientist(s) can only do work when s/he is provided with a super expensive data science tool under a subscription model.

I see people trying to use deep learning without understanding whether deep learning is the best tool for the problem at hand.

Question to test if s/he has relevant data preprocessing experience You can give him/her a coding exercise with some relevant (preferably dirty) data inputs, e.g.

Other people wonder why their code get stuck when they were trying to read in a file that is way bigger than the available memory on their machine.

As part of the coding exercise, ask him/her to pick a machine learning model to perform predictions that is similar to a company use case.

Ask him / her about what insights to the data / prediction problem s/he has gained with the machine learning / data exploratory steps.

If your company wants a facial recognition algorithm in use, ask them how can an facial recognition algorithm be trained to be fair to people of all race and gender?

Ask him to list one example of machine learning technique or data science tool that s/he think to be under-appreciated and one that is a hype 19 and 20.

Ask him / her to list an area of machine learning that s/he wants to learn more about and why Closing words You may have realized that my list of 20 questions will take an hour or more to ask.

There are also some achievements that show whether a person have decent knowledge of data science / machine learning without you asking elaborate questions.

Great achievements in data science include There are indeed quite a number of people who run one or two Tensorflow demos and think s/he is a data science expert.

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