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We strongly welcome the introduction of appropriately regulated and governed uses of AI related technologies to augment clinical practice.Far from making the clinical radiologist and clinical oncologist of the future redundant, as some press has suggested, the use of AI will help standardise many aspects of clinical care, will optimise processes, and allow greater use of clinical data to inform best practice and outcomes.

For these technologies to translate into patient benefit and clinician support as swiftly and smoothly as possible, we are urging all developers to synergise on the following core principles: Recognising the risks associated with unfettered implementation of disruptive technologies to patient care and outcomes, our approach is to support all our members in becoming early adopters, embracing the technology as it develops – working wherever possible with innovators.

Berggruen Institute Transformations of the Human (ToftH) Announces Collaborations with Partnership for AI and AI4ALL - News - Berggruen Institute

Here we have two powerful opportunities to join forces and make a difference, to show that there are concrete philosophical stakes in AI, stakes that vastly exceed the predominant notion of AI as an exclusively technical field,”

“We are delighted by the shared mission of the Berggruen Institute and the Partnership on AI to convene multidisciplinary perspectives to advance the responsible development and deployment of artificial intelligence,” said Julia Rhodes Davis, director of partnerships, Partnership on AI.

Part of my research will work to put a little bit more flesh on the bones of these groups to see what specific communities might benefit from some form of targeted interventions or education programs.”

### Berggruen Institute Transformations of the Human The Transformations of the Human program at the Berggruen Institute is designed as a philosophical study and artistic exploration of the manifold ways in which artificial intelligence and biotechnology challenge our established conceptions of what it means to be human.

By placing philosophers and artists in key research sites to foster dialogue with technologists, the aim of the program is to render AI and biotech visible as unusually potent experimental sites for reformulating our vocabulary for thinking about ourselves.

Research: AI is a ‘welcome boost’ that could add millions to GDP

New research from McKinsey and Quantumblack suggests UK businesses adopting AI could see their value increase by 120 percent within a decade.

In separate research last year, McKinsey wrote: “By 2030, the average simulation shows that some 70 percent of companies might have adopted at least one type of AI technology but that less than half will have fully absorbed the five categories [computer vision, natural language, virtual assistants, robotic process automation, and advanced machine learning].” The UK is well-positioned to take advantage of AI and is the highest ranking country in Europe on McKinsey Global Institute’s AI Readiness Index.


must for a senior technology exec to get out of the day to day business and hear about what is going on in the world and future for AI and software engineering An excellent event: the future explained!

Exceeded my expectations: The AI Summit is the space for likeminded business people to share current successes and for others to experience what is possible today, and meet vendors who can work with them immediately to take AI forward.

The best event in AI: the right people, inspirational technological developments and many AI initiatives in other industries This is biggest gathering of AI in the enterprise providing a sense of where the market is today, what are some of the key challenges and best practices of how to tackle AI in a business context The most insightful AI gathering in the year The only event for aligning business and AI!

Welcome to the Age of With: Intelligent AI Solutions with Cognitive Advantage

What's happening around us—shared data, social engagement, digital assistants, cloud platforms, connected devices—is not about people versus machines.

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M.I.T. is preparing by creating a new college backed by a planned investment of $1 billion. The new college will teach the theory and ethics of AI.

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