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Artificial Intelligence Can Make Work Better Says Majority of Workers

Four out of five employees surveyed see significant opportunity for artificial intelligence (AI) to create a more engaging and empowering workplace experience, yet admit a lack of transparency from their employers is a primary driver of fear and concern.

The survey, 'Engaging Opportunity: Working Smarter with AI,' conducted with Coleman Parkes Research, explores how employees – both hourly and salaried from a variety of industries in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. – believe emerging technologies should be used to improve the future of work.

“ While emerging technologies always generate uncertainty, this survey shows employees worldwide share a cautious optimism that artificial intelligence is a promising tool that could pave the way for a game-changing employee experience if it is used to add fairness and eliminate low-value workplace processes and tasks, allowing employees to focus on the parts of their roles that really matter.” Highlights from the survey: Employees around the world will embrace AI to make work easier and fairer.

--Employees from all eight nations would welcome AI if it simplified or automated time-consuming internal processes (64%), helped better balance their workload (64%), increased fairness in subjective decisions (62%), or ensured managers made better choices affecting individual employees (57%).

--Younger millennials, older millennials, and Gen X employees in both countries think the biggest benefit of AI for them is elimination of manual processes and time wasted on basic, administrative work, each of which detracts from more rewarding workplace activities.

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a serious game called “Speech Dating”, we let our audience experience what can go wrong in a conversation when body language and visual stimuli are switched off. We

Design Sprint integrates qualitative and quantitative data from user research and serious games, so that the developed application is not only based on AI, but also complemented by actual human interaction.

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Contains references, with hyperlinks, to the 98 responses received by NIST.

We are seeking volunteers to provide short summaries of the responses, and an estimate of their usefulness to OMG's AI work.

DataRobot surveyed more than 350 US- and UK-based CIOs, CTOs, VPs, and IT managers involved in AI and machine learning purchasing decisions to learn how AI is being used by businesses today, current perceptions of AI bias, and what is being done -– or should be done -– to enhance AI bias prevention efforts in the future.

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