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On 16 November, POLITICO gathered policy-makers, experts, regulators and industry leaders at the Résidence Palace in Brussels to debate whether Europe is ‘cyber ready’.

No. But, they decided, we are getting there. The EU has made good progress in tackling digital threats, with the adoption of the Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS) earlier this year and voting on the Cybersecurity Act expected this winter.

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Achieving 5G for commercial markets requires major innovation in the architecture for wireless infrastructure basestations� and the key is in phased-array-based technologies.

To provide the requisite data rates for 5G, basestations will now require anywhere from 64 to hundreds of antennas to be arrayed in a 'massive MIMO' (M-MIMO) configuration, which can deliver full-channel capacity by reusing the same frequency and time resources, provided they have compact front-end solutions delivering optimal RF and thermal performance.

SPAR Tile technology, developed in collaboration between MACOM and MIT Lincoln Laboratory, embodies a new cost-conscious approach to phased array radar system development, leveraging highly integrated antenna sub-systems and volume-scale commercial packaging and manufacturing techniques, enabling the transition from cumbersome traditional brick architectures to a more efficient planar approach.

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