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AI Adoption is Increasing But Challenges Remain

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly gaining traction in the enterprise, however, there is still a great deal of resistance to using AI in the workplace.

This is very much like what we saw with cloud computing in the early days in which a number of industries were reluctant to jump on board.Recent research from Capterra showed that fewer than one in five business leaders use AI, yet many acknowledge that it's critical for their business.

He points out that the early adopters in each industry segment, according to customers, are using AI to create competitive differentiation in the form of: However, Shanmugam pointed out that the same kind of conversations with customers revealed a number of barriers for AI adoption, which are deterring enterprises, particularly in situations that are characterized by one or many of the following criteria: Related Article:What Is Explainable AI (XAI)?

It has the potential to assist in medical breakthroughs, improve health and safety, democratize costly services, elevate poor customer service and even free up an overburdened workforce.

Recent research from Fujitsu, entitled Timeline 2030, is a global rather than a piecemeal approach to AI and other disruptive technologies that, according to Tait, presents visions of the potential future by 2030, underlining the long-term impact of the decisions made today and urging timely and coordinated action across global governments, business, education and society as a whole.

The trends believed to have the biggest impact on businesses by 2030 are as follows: In respect to AI and robotics the report reads: “If we are to reap the societal and economic benefits automation presents, we must address the speed of uptake, global investment, skills investment and mindset.

If fear of the impact AI will have is a major hindrance to adoption, then a global approach that foresees the disruption is the solution, Tait writes, 'Recent research from Fujitsu suggests that levels of uncertainty around the way businesses should plan for imminent technologically-driven change are so high that business leaders around the world favor a coordinated global approach led by intergovernmental bodies and governments.'

The Future Of IT

Pressure from industries, customers, and internal organizational needs will intensify and overwhelm existing norms.


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Sanders, Ajay Paul, David Digitization has brought massive change to the travel and transportation industry, from the way travelers research information to the way they book transportation and lodging.

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Are you sorting through options associated with retained Software Assurance (SA), transition to Office 365 productivity and security services, inclusion of Azure and overall time to value for online services deployment?

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