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People Keep Lying About Computer “Creativity”

Nearly 15 years ago the British futurist Ian Pearson predicted that by 2010 the world’s highest-paid celebrity would be an artificial “synthespian.”

When you read past the headlines, it turns out that the movie trailer was not made by artificial intelligence, nor did artificial intelligence write a horror script at all, let alone a “perfect”

With the trailer, Fox approached IBM in connection with their upcoming A.I.-themed horror film Morgan and asked whether Watson could analyze a movie and generate a trailer.

According to the story and the accompanying video, after analyzing 100 classic horror films and looking for patterns that might correlate with scariness, Watson analyzed Morgan and algorithmically selected scenes or clips which a human editor then edited into a trailer.

(Crucially, the editor also overlaid the scenes with audio components —an expository voiceover line that appears not to go with the scenes itplays over;

Unless Watson knows more about trailers than the information at hand suggests, there’s no way to judge how well or poorly chosen these particular clips were.

(Nor do we know, for that matter, how many clips Watson selected —whether the human editor used all the clips or only some, or how many computer-selected scenes might have been left on the cutting-room floor.) Given a finished movie with scenes constructed by humans, a sufficiently talented editor could cut a non-terrible trailer from almost any mix of scenes, however well or poorly chosen.

It seems that after analyzing scripts for popular horror films, the program picked out recurring elements common to many of them: “We used [AI] to generate the premise and the key plot points of the film.

Before a single word was written, our AI told us that if we wanted to match audience taste, we needed to make a horror film that featured both ghost and family relationships, and that a piano scene and a bathtub scene would need to be used in the movie trailer to increase the likelihood that our target audience would like it.”

(In this case it sounds like the software tool actually did know something about trailers.) Now, there are reasons good horror writers might want any of these elements in a story.

Watson Made a Movie Trailer, Paving the Way for Police-Worn Body Cameras

Morgan is a horror movie about an artificial child that quickly runs out of control and causes much death and destruction.

With that outcome, producers at Fox nonetheless thought it might be a good idea to get a real artificial intelligence involved in preparing it for release (the movie came out on Friday).

This could open doors to other uses of video processing, and take the work out of sorting through large amounts of video data, including what's generated by police-worn body cameras.

Video: 20th Century Fox/YouTube The team used systems that they had already developed, known as the visual recognition services part of the IBM Watson Developer Cloud, which allows companies tap into the abilities of this particular AI.

After feeding the AI roughly 100 horror movies from various eras (including the 1976 classic The Omen), it didn't take much for the software to begin picking out patterns.

'For example, 'joy' can be considered high arousal and high valence, 'sad' is low arousal and low valence, 'fear' his high arousal and low valence,' Smith elaborated in a follow-up email.

Researchers initially tried to get Watson to recognize tropes of the genre: classic scenes of a mysterious figure hiding from the character who's on the phone, for example, or the car that won't start.

This research takes us further down the road to autonomous vehicles understanding their surroundings, or possibly allowing for detailed analysis of an athlete's ability.

IBM Watson Created The First-Ever AI-Made Movie Trailer For 'Morgan'

For a film about the risks of pushing the limits of technology too far, it only makes sense to advertise for it using artificial intelligence.

It did visual, audio, and composition analysis of individual scenes, finding what makes each moment eerie, how the score and actors' tone of voice changed the mood--framing and lighting came together to make a complete trailer.

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