AI News, Watch An AI Invent Its Own Visual Language

Watch An AI Invent Its Own Visual Language

At least, that’s one way to interpret the work of artist Tom White, a computational design professor at Victoria University School of Design.

He’s experimenting with flipping the creative process, putting AI in the artist’s place while he simply helps these so-called “Perception Engines” express themselves.

With grant funding from Google’s Artist and Machine Intelligence group, White used a Riso printer to turn each sketch into a print, which he sells online to fund the process.

One series of prints, cleverly titled The Treachery of ImageNet, include captions that nod to Magritte’s iconic 1928 painting, The Treachery of Images (Ceci n’est pas une pipe).

A small irregularity in an image of a fan that a human would never notice, for instance, might confuse the system into thinking it’s looking at an avocado.

Strengthening a neural network against these adversarial examples may depend on helping them recognize upper-level abstract concepts of the objects they see–rather than just granular, pixel-level recognition.

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