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Top 5 Artificial Intelligence(AI) Companies in 2020

So it stands to reason that all major companies are investing in this technology and trying to achieve major breakthroughs.

Be it Google or Apple, you name any big tech company and chances are they are heavily investing in AI because that is the future!

It is even estimated that the net worth of the Artificial Intelligence market would reach $118.6 billion by the end of 2025.

So let’s see some popular tech companies and understand the ways they are incorporating Artificial Intelligence in their products and services.

And while Amazon is primarily an e-commerce company, it has also become one of the biggest users of artificial intelligence in all its departments.

Alexa is developed using ML-based speech recognition that uses Natural Language Processing to interact with the users and formulate a response accordingly.

Rather than asking what Google products use artificial intelligence, it’s better to ask if there are any Google products that don’t use artificial intelligence!!!

New phones include a chip called the A12 which has a neural engine running the neural network software for speech and image recognition.

In fact, it would not even be possible to handle 2.4 billion users while providing them the best service without using Artificial Intelligence!

Facebook AI Research (FAIR) is an internal AI Research group that aims to accelerate research breakthroughs in both existing and new AI technology.

Bing, which is Microsoft’s search engine is also using advanced AI search algorithms that allow image search as well.

Microsoft uses AI in other services also such as Microsoft 365 which uses intelligent cloud services to provide a seamless experience for corporate teams.

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And I think that that's surprising, I think many people assume that the US had some kind of massive lead that differentiated it from everywhere else in the world.

'But with all of the societal changes that are making politicians realize that AI is going to be a big deal, the question is: what happens when they realize it's a big deal and want to do something about it?

“When you look at the amounts of money being invested, both the US and China seem to be on par in terms of aggressive investments, way ahead of other countries.

And what we see, is that businesses are mentioning this more than cloud computing and big data and that can seem like, 'Oh, yeah, well, that's just sort of [expletive] signaling on the part of businesses.

“But actually as you remember when the companies were telling us they were investing in big data or they were investing in cloud, they were standing up like huge teams of people to actually do stuff.

So what's actually happened is we're seeing the integration of new research insights into a well-understood, economically useful task, like image recognition to bring that time down.

Now, those are more like you're trying to run experiments of the largest possible scale to understand how these things behave at that scale because, within a few years, that scale will be really cheap.

And so you want it to train the largest possible systems you can now, because you're going to have the best possible intuition about the longest part of the future then.”

If you're maybe a big business or actually a start-up running a very specific use case, the economics might work out, but using different hardware saves on your costs.

“I think what we need to do, and what inspires me to work on this is, I have an almost naive belief that if we get better data in front of policymakers and call for the creation of original data on things like AI and employment, we can probably deal with this disruption better.

'So I'm kind of saying to policymakers, let's accept that there's a change and then let's point at certain job classes which are going massively grow and which we can actually train people into and make them good.

In 2015, a Canadian start-up announced via a press release that it had successfully synthesized horse pox and it announced this because it wanted to advertise some decent, sort of sophisticated chemical analysis and creation capabilities it has.

I think most AI developers are going to try and do things for good reasons and then they're going to announce like, ‘Oh we've just released a system that can make any drone navigate to a specific face that you give it.

We slowly released it through the year while publishing research on disinformation, on detection, on threats of GPT-2, and we did that because we wanted to show that as an AI developer, we can also try and think about this stuff.

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