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5 artificial intelligence applications that will transform your CRM

It is often said that artificial intelligence (AI) will revolutionize the way companies do business in the years to come.

The reason being is that having real-time access to a large amount of reliable data is the source from which these superpowers arise.

Since they are very adaptable, these dashboards can combine several data sources providing you with leading insight on the health of your business.

An easy way of getting your employees involved ➤ Its intuitive and easy to use interface, will most likely push your team to quickly embrace and adopt Power BI.

You could, for example: Acquire data on new businesses ➤ If you enter the name of a company that you would like to come into contact with, Versium can integrate an array of information on this company into your CRM.

Semeon is offering this solution to companies by using semantic analysis of public and private information content such as forums, social media, blogs and CRM data.

This Montreal-based company offers a solution that combines the analysis of emotions, intentions and statistics all based on the semantics specific to each language.

With the help of an advanced Natural Language Processing system, Semeon is quickly able to assess a large amount of text by differentiating between the favourable and unfavourable opinions made on the Web regarding your brand.

You could, for example: Find out if your brand is viewed in a positive way ➤ Semeon can review public content on the Web and rank comments about your company, products, employees, competitors, etc.

In addition to pinpointing key concepts and influencers of public opinion, Semeon allows you to compare these trends with buying habits through your CRM data.

Optimize your social media strategy ➤ This information will allow you to improve your content development and better communicate with your prospects, influencers and brand ambassadors.

Its ability to integrate private and public content to establish key concepts and distinguish positive vs negative impacts allow companies to conduct in-depth assessments.

You could, for example: Understand the links that bring two people together ➤ Enter the names of two individuals and discover all the links that bring them together.

Your assistant will decode the negative words, classify the email as an incident, and automatically assign a customer service employee to resolve it.

give you a better understanding of your business relationships, evaluate the success of your activities in relation to your history and help you choose the best approaches.

Insights offers a wide range of real-time, quality data on more than 13 million companies and 30 million international contacts.

Build connections ➤ Import your LinkedIn, Gmail or Outlook contacts and find out automatically if one of your colleagues knows someone in the company you are trying to contact.

With access to real-time data on millions of companies and contacts around the world, this application provides the tools to improve the quality of your relationships.

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