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That is the difference that Process Director brings to the game: custom applications comprehensive enough to handle complex business problems, but created on an intuitive platform that is business-user friendly.

Built by BP Logix, Process Director is a BPM software solution that allows you to create applications quickly— ones that scale well and are easy to restructure… two essentials for organizations that will inevitably grow and change.

we do offer the standard ‘if-then’ Visio workflow diagrams, Process Director’s Process Timeline™ provides a powerful alternative— a Gannt-chart style processing engine that offers predictive analytics pulled from your own data.

With accessible machine learning tools that don’t require a data scientist to leverage, you can take your information to the next level whether it is in-house, IoT (Internet of Things), or beyond!

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac Preview

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Visual Studio Tools for AI | T234

Learn about new capabilities you can use to create, train, experiment with, operationalize, and deploy custom deep learning models from Visual Studio. Product ...

Getting Started with Visual Studio Tools for AI : Build 2018

Visual Studio Tools for AI makes it easy to train, debug and deploy AI infused applications and services. Come learn how to easily infuse AI into your ...

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In this episode, we will provide a brief overview of Azure Machine Learning service and the Visual Studio Code Tools for AI extension. To learn more see ...

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Connect; 2017 Visual Studio Tools for AI

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Machine Learning and AI for .NET

There's a lot of buzz and hype on AI, ML, deep-learning, Azure AI and cognitive services and so on, within Microsoft and the competition, and for good reasons!

Visual Studio IntelliCode -- AI meets IntelliSense!

Today at their Build developer conference, Microsoft just release IntelliCode an extension for Visual Studio that uses machine learning to improve intellisense.

Visual Basic Integration of Simple AI System

AI Builder Download at This video provides demonstration of steps from creation of AI System to export, to creation of Visual Basic ..