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CellStrat AI Lab - Coding Hours - Vision, NLP, RL (office meetup in BLR)

MEETUP DESCRIPTIONWelcome to the CellStrat AI Lab - where AI disruption happens !CellStrat AI Lab is the one of the world's most advanced AI R&D groups and is working on the cutting-edge of AI, ML and DL innovation.We meet every Tuesday and Saturday at our Bengaluru office for AI Lab Coding Hours - Vision, NLP and RL.

However membership to CellStrat AI Lab is open for global audience.BENEFITS1) Interact and code with top AI Data Scientists from around the world.2) Work on cutting-edge application development in AI, ML and DL3) Publish original research papers in leading journals like and Springer Journal4) Be part of the continuous learning and development on latest AI algorithms and research papers5) Get access to AI consulting and training opportunities provided to CellStrat AI Lab members6) Prepare for lucrative careers in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, the hottest career options of this decade.7) Become a globally prominent AI expert with help of CellStrat Global Marketing Platform8) Incubate your AI startup with help of CellStrat AI Lab ecosystem9) Jobseekers - find lucrative AI and ML jobs via AI Lab community networking.

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