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Get Ready. 2019 Predictions About Artificial Intelligence That Will Make Your Head Spin

While the hip, ubiquitous business buzzwords are cryptocurrency and blockchain, the truly formidable factor of what is being called the fourth industrial revolution is Artificial Intelligence.

We’re going to see harmonization around a set of critical projects creating a comprehensive open source stack for AI, machine learning and deep learning.'

'We expect new efforts to emerge with the goal of curating and creating more open source data,' Haddad says that this development will then open discussions for critical questions related to privacy.

From attacks on data integrity that essentially kill computers to the point of mandatory hardware replacements, to leveraging new technology for physical assaults such as the recent drone attack in Venezuela, attack surfaces are growing and enemies will take advantage.'

'As the endless number of cyber attacks grows, thanks to the deepening implementation of Artificial Intelligence, the security industry will come under assault from its customers for perpetuating a growing burden of cost that's simply not productive to the mission of the organization.'

Without a doubt, China has made massive strides on the AI front and certain thought-leaders there has a different view from those here on U.S. soil when it comes to 2019 and this emerging tech arena.

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