AI News, Video Friday: Robo Foosball, Fetch Snackbot, and Europa Submarine

Video Friday: Robo Foosball, Fetch Snackbot, and Europa Submarine

Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your Automaton bloggers.

like the idea of a robot on robot foosball match, although I would guess that it would be far too fast for a human to actually enjoy watching.

A possible mission scenario is drafted, which covers all aspects of an exploration from the time of landing until the transmission of the survey results.

In order to demonstrate the feasibility of this scenario, an experimental test platform will be constructed, which is able to be used in an analog mission at a suitable test site on earth.

Ford today announces its intent to have a high-volume, fully autonomous SAE level 4-capable vehicle in commercial operation in 2021 in a ride-hailing or ride-sharing service.

CNN has launched an aerial imagery and reporting unit, called CNNAir, that will utilize unmanned aerial systems to fully integrate aerial imagery and reporting across all CNN networks and platforms.

Our goal with these events is to bring everyone together to build something cool using our product and learn as much as possible in the process.

A freight robot with our new HMIshelf would be loaded with snacks, and could be called to any location in the building to deliver these much needed snacks to our team.

To prepare for the event, we purchased a small fridge, a pile of Amazon Dash buttons, and a boatload of snacks (for testing purposes).

Nobody was allowed to modify the codebase, and we would have to build our entire snack solution using only the existing APIs that we had built for our customers.

This little Cozmo spot is cute, but kill the video after 0:25, because the entire second half of it (!) is just an ad card.

This video presents both the basis of the platform and the associated system for ultrasonic based perception for mapping and collision avoidance.

Software Systems Engineer Intern - Summer 2018

About Us: We bring objects to life through Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, allowing people to build relationships with technology that feel a little more human.

With multiple hit entertainment products, including Overdrive and Cozmo, we are now making a big push to scale our robotics platform into broader consumer markets.  To date, we have closed over $200M in investments from top-tier investors such as Andreessen Horowitz and JP Morgan Chase and are once again growing our talented AI Engineering team.

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The key to using this mode effectively is to give MiP a wide surface area to recognize.

In this mode, the user is supposed to put his tray table onto MiP, and stack as many objects on to MiP's tray as possible.

Now, MiP is in a virtual cage and you have to prevent him from escaping by putting your hands in front of MiP's sensors in his eyes.

Here, the user must wait for MiP's chest to start flashing, indicating that he's ready to take commands.

You can swipe left to make MiP turn left, right to turn right, forward to roll forward, and backward to roll backwards.

When you're finished giving him tasks, clap twice or tap MiP on the head two times, and he'll play it back for you.

In this mode, the user can place an object, which in this case is my hands but is not limited to just that, over MiP's eyes.

Now he'll follow you in every direction as opposed to moving for pre-determined sequences like in the default MiP mode. The

Third, is the settings wheel which lets you adjust MiP's name, MiP's avatar, volume, and gives you access to info about the app. The

In this mode the user uses his left thumb to make MiP move forward and backwards, and his right thumb to move MiP left and right. The

To choose a song, hit the music button on the bottom right of the screen which will bring up your library.

Within this game, you can drive with your thumbs the same as you would in drive mode, but fire lasers at opponents with the laser blasters on the screen.

It works very similar to battle MiP, but here, the user throws punches instead of lasers.

The sensors in his eyes will pick up damage and again, the first user to see his health bar diminish will lose the battle. The

Here, the user can trace a path along the screen of a smart device and watch MiP recreate that path in real time!

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