AI News, Video Friday: Return of the Robot Ape, Anki Drive Battle Mode, and Why We Love Robots

Video Friday: Return of the Robot Ape, Anki Drive Battle Mode, and Why We Love Robots

Enjoy these lighthearted and fun robotics videos while you can, because we're slowly but surely creeping up on IROS and IREX.

As of November third, it's going to be all serious business, as we embrace insanity by attempting to bring you one of the world's largest research robotics conferences and the world's largest robot exhibition at the same time.

We have just three more Fridays to psych ourselves up for this task, but it's not quite time to panic just yet, so let's start things off with today with a nice, friendly robot ape.

iStruct, that robotic ape from DFKI in Germany, can now stand up on its hind legs, making the transition from quadruped to biped that took humans like a million years to successfully pull off:

Watching these grit-blasting robots hard at work cleaning old paint out of the inside the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it's hard to imagine that this is a task that would otherwise be done by humans.

It took six years to teach these robots how to do this, but they're now autonomous, able to map, plan, and operate in unstructured environments:

Finally, if you're the sort of person who makes the rest of us look bad by making thank-you notes into art, you may be interested in this art project by ABB.

He connects it all back to jobs and manufacturing, of course, but I think he's right in the sense that within the next decade, robotic cars have the potential to truly revolutionize our society, as long as we're able to trust them to do so.

In the film, part of an eight-episode AOL original series, they explore some of the history and cultural references involving robotics, and even describe some of the latest research trends such as belief space and cloud robotics.

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