AI News, Video Friday: NOVA's Rise of the Robots, Gecko-Toe Grippers, and Why They Automate

Video Friday: NOVA's Rise of the Robots, Gecko-Toe Grippers, and Why They Automate

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Loyal readers of this blog will probably recognize all of the robots and most of the people in the trailer, but it looks like NOVA—which bills itself as “the most-watched primetime science series on television”—scored some great expert commentary along with footage of DRC robots that we’ve never seen before.

Fun fact from a press release: every two days, the human race is generating as much data as was generated from the dawn of humanity through the year 2003.

I’m very glad that CCTV had 540 robot dancers to celebrate Chinese New Year, because 530 robot dancers wouldn’t have impressed anyone.

All that’s going on here is a bunch of light sensors behind the robot are telling screens on the front of the robot what color they should be to help it blend in.

Those gecko-toe grippers that work so well sticking robots to walls also work great grabbing stuff in zero gravity:

would have thought that driving through a barricaded parade course would have been a cinch for IHMC’s ATLAS, but for some reason they had a human driving in the Pensacola Mardi Gras parade instead:

“When designing exoskeletons for rehabilitation of patients after spinal cord injury or stroke, how to create them to be as natural as possible to allow them to train the user to rebuild both muscles and neural networks is a constant issue.

This concept will create a new capability for power-grid deployment in applications such as reestablishing power after a disaster to accelerate search, rescue, and recovery efforts.

The aim is to develop a system which will be able to robustly reconfigure itself physically and electrically to adapt in any change in environment situation, power demand, and power generation.

The ultimate goal of the proposed work will be intelligent power electronics and a distributed autonomous mobile microgrid capable of regulating power flow at a desired voltage and frequency level, meeting load demands.”

From CMU’s Robotics Institute Seminar Series: Matthew Johnson-Roberson: “Underwater mapping: new robotic approaches to an old problem” “Robust, scalable Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms support the successful deployment of robots in many real-world applications.

This talk will present recent advances in perception techniques for the generation of 3D reconstructions over tens of thousands of square meters.

Topics will include the generation of self-consistent poses, long-term localization, consistency of lighting through an attenuating medium, the visualization of gigapixel textured models using a novel state-of-the-art rendering system, and a crowd sourcing platform using smartphones and tablets to aid in the processing of vast volumes of visual data.

Finally, the talk will look forward towards new work in underwater grasping and manipulation and a proposal for drastic cost reduction in deep water monitoring approaches.”

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