AI News, Video Friday: Motorcycle Robot, Paper Plane Drone, and R2-D2 Fridge

Video Friday: Motorcycle Robot, Paper Plane Drone, and R2-D2 Fridge

We complain a lot about the vaaaaaast chasm between the state of the art of autonomous drones capable of navigating in the real world and avoiding obstaclesand thehyper enthusiastic“seriously guys we’re going to have this up and running pretty soon” promises about urban drone delivery.

Here are a few videos from ETH Zurich’s Autonomous Systems Lab (and spinoff company Skybotix) that I think are less than a year old and illustrate close to the current state of the art when it comes to drones that can autonomously avoid stuff using only onboard systems:

Real-time detection and notification Uninterrupted protection Does not rely on radio jamming Selectively control individual drones Searchable event history Enterprise management Launching in the second half of 2016 to qualified public safety customers.

Inspired by the 2011 Fukushima accident, the euRathlon competition requires a team of land, underwater and flying robots to work together to survey the scene, collect environmental data, and identify critical hazards.

Or maybe even overripe, I guess, because blueberry growers are offering a $200,000 prize for a robot that can do the job as well as a human, plus $10,000 to help you build a prototype.

Howard addresses is the role of robotics in healthcare which is not only to be associated to classical disabilities but to raising the quality of body functionality, hence raising the quality of human life.

In this view, she focuses on robots to be used in home environments both by those suffering of classical (genetic or acquired) disabilities as well as by anyone in need of specialized medical care - a robot healthcare assistant.

How to provide robotics that can be used both at home and at the hospital in all safety and with highly functional settings and how to have this robots assisting a variety of different individuals in terms of age, disabilities, and specific treatment needs are just some of the questions Dr. Howard addresses in this short but very engaging video lecture.

Georgia Tech ] via [ Robohub ] Now sit back, close your eyes, forget about work completely and run out the clock with this podcast from Harvard: In part 1 of the Disruptive: Bioinspired Robotics podcast episode, Wyss Founding Core Faculty Member Radhika Nagpal discusses swarm collectives, as well as the challenges faced by women in the engineering and computer science fields.

Inspired by bee swarms and termite colonies, she is applying nature’s approach to decentralized cooperation to engineer new collective systems that meet real-world challenges.

Biological systems, from embryos to social insects, depend upon the coordinated behavior of large numbers of individual agents to achieve highly complex outcomes — termites build skyscrapers and embryonic cells develop into healthy babies.

Nagpal is building new types of distributed systems — from multi-modular robots and robot swarms, to vast sensor networks — that have similar capabilities.


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