AI News, Video Friday: MorpHex Hexapod, Cheering Robots, and MIT Robotics Competition

Video Friday: MorpHex Hexapod, Cheering Robots, and MIT Robotics Competition

Norwegian robotics genius Kåre Halvorsen (aka Zenta)found a way to make his incredibly awesome MorpHex rolling hexapod/Death Star machine even more incredibly awesomer: an IMU that vastly improves its skill at rolling places.

Sifteo boasts a consumer acumen proven over years of developing and delivering world-beating customer experiences and shipping high-volume products into mass-scale retailers.

The acquisition of the technology and resources specific to Sifteo will further elevate our company’s capabilities on many fronts, and will help propel 3DR into new markets as the industry matures.

Said 3DR CEO Chris Anderson, “When we first engaged with the Sifteo team and saw their skillset, experience, and IP portfolio, we immediately recognized the impact they would have working with us to transform and grow the consumer drone market.

What seems to have happened is that the latest generation of ASIMO(which, to add to the confusion, Honda calls the 'all-new ASIMO')made a debut in Europe, and the ASIMO website was updated with the specs and capabilities of the current model, which was interpreted to mean that a brand new model was released.

Some of the flagship features of this 'new' ASIMO (which looks exactly the same) include the ability to jump on one foot, understand multiple people talking to it, autonomously avoid people, and perform sign language, all of which are capabilities that we've already seen over the past few years.

This year, they had to build robots capable of traversing a very steep winter Olympics themed course, scoring points of autonomy, ascending slopes, and retrieving medals.

I've tried to find those vids to embed (because even though they're old, they're tremendously fun to watch), but the best I've been able to come up with is the website of the producers of the show, which hosts them directly.