AI News, Video Friday: Marty the Robot, Dancing With Drones, and Deep Learning for Cars

Video Friday: Marty the Robot, Dancing With Drones, and Deep Learning for Cars

Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your multilayerAutomaton bloggers.

From Alex Reben: The first robot to autonomously and intentionally break Asimov’s first law, which states: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

The robot makes a decision to injure a person or not in a way the creator can not predict (in this video it decided for injury).

This project beings up questions of ethics and design along with the truth that there now exists a machine which on its own decides if it should injure a person or not.

Equating a robot like this to a human butler is a dangerous way to begin, and I feel like if Andbot becomes your child’s best friend, that might not be the best thing.

McGill’s 2015 RoboSub video was epic, and their 2016 video looks like it’s going to be even better because pirates (?)

Ollie smashing stuff is a weekly thing I guess, and getting it to plow into light bulbs at full speed is a bright idea.

This initial cooperation project between DFKI RIC and Volkswagen AG (Smart Production Lab) aims at creating the hardware and software basis for future work on the area of human-robot collaboration.

The final robot demonstrator of this pilot project possesses multiple sensor modalities for the environment monitoring and is equipped with the ability for online collision-free dual-arm manipulation in a common human-robot workspace.

If you’re enough of a hardcore roboticist that you wanted to participate in the ROS Industrial community meeting but not enough of a hardcore roboticist that you actually bothered to do so, here’s recording for you:

Video Friday: DARPA's LUKE Arm, Human Support Robot, and Starting a Robotics Company

Dean Kamen’s DEKA RD firm, with support from DARPA’s Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program,designed the advanced prosthetic LUKE Armto give amputees “dexterous arm and hand movement through a simple, intuitive control system.” The LUKE Arm, which stands for Life Under Kinetic Evolution but is also a reference to Luke Skywalker’s bionic hand,“allows users to control multiple joints simultaneously and provides a variety of grips and grip forces by means of wireless signals generated by sensors worn on the feet or via other easy-to-use controllers.” Itreceived FDA approval in 2014, and will now be commercialized by Mobius Bionics of Manchester, N.H.

On Friday, June 30th, at a ceremony at the Manhattan campus of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ New York Harbor Health Care System, two veterans living with arm amputations became the first recipients of a new generation of prosthetic limb that promises them unprecedented, near-natural arm and hand motion.

To Toyota, mobility goes beyond selling automobiles — it means helping people navigate their world and live the life they want to live, regardless of their circumstances.

While the HSR is still in an experimental research phase, and not destined for mass production anytime soon, its unique design and abilities immediately proved useful in assisting Romy with everyday activities like opening doors and bringing food from the kitchen, helping him to regain some independence and live more freely.

ARIAC is a simulation-based competition designed to promote agility in industrial robot systems by utilizing the latest advances in artificial intelligence and robot planning.

While autonomously completing pick-and-place kit assembly tasks, teams were presented with various agility challenges developed based on input from industry representatives.

These challenges include failing suction grippers, notification of faulty parts, and reception of high-priority orders that would prompt teams to decide whether or not to reuse existing in-progress kits.

Teams had control over their system’s suite of sensors positioned throughout the workcell, made up of laser scanners, intelligent vision sensors, quality control sensors and interruptible photoelectric break-beams.

Spanning from 1969 to the present, this 4-minute 48-second fast-paced visual survey produced in 2013 captures nearly a half-century of innovation in environmental and aeronautical research, showing the scope, scale, and variety of unmanned and remotely piloted vehicle projects flown at the center.

A series of research flights at NASA’s Dryden (now Armstrong) Flight Research Center in the summer of 2005 validated the premise that using thermal lift could significantly extend the range and endurance of small unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) without a corresponding increase in fuel requirements.

This 1-minute, 53-second video taken on October 1, 2011 shows the NASA Dryden (now Armstrong) Flight Research Center’s Dryden Remotely Operated Integrated Drone (DROID) sub-scale test bed aircraft is moving up to the flight test big leagues!

The center’s Automatic Collision Avoidance Technology team conducted test flights of new software architecture on the radio-controlled large model aircraft to demonstrate that even the simplest flight systems may benefit from Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance Software (GCAS).

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