AI News, Video Friday: Ice Bucket Challenge With Robots, Dancing Drones, and Automata Movie

Video Friday: Ice Bucket Challenge With Robots, Dancing Drones, and Automata Movie

We just finished putting together our preliminary calendar for the2014 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), which kicks off less than a month from now in Chicago.

And the format of IROS this year will be a bit different, with lightning-style preview talks accompanied by massive interactive sessions instead of the traditional powerpoint talks.

With its ERWR project ('Extend the Reach of the Warfighter Through Robotics'), Lockheed Martin wants to demonstrate how an autonomous K-Max helicopter can autonomously deliver an autonomous ground vehicle that then autonomously does autonomous stuff autonomously.

The Lockheed Martin Squad Mission Support System Unmanned Ground Vehicle equipped with a Gyrocam 9-inch mid-wave, surveillance sensor was flown by sling load into the “hostile” area using a Lockheed Martin K-MAX unmanned helicopter, and a tactical resupply and surveillance mission was conducted in autonomous and tele-operated modes.

It achieves this capability by observing the center of mass position error relative to a reference path and re-planning at every step a new reference trajectory to minimize the error.

Relying on the prismatic inverted pendulum model instead of the linear inverted pendulum model we also enable non-planar center of mass motion, which will be essential later on for rough terrain locomotion.

We've written a bit about 'spy creatures' before, mostly in the context of using them to film animals that you don't want to be too close to film them yourself.

If you only need the A part of a UAV sometimes, and the rest of the time it can stay on the G, combing a UAV with a UGV is a great idea, as long as they're capable of working together effectively.

We're not usually fans of robot movies (because they're pretty bad, withrareexceptions), but to wrap the week let's take a look at the first trailer ofAutomata, an upcoming sci-fi thriller with Antonio Banderas.

Automata is an epic futuristic vision of a human civilization finally overtaken by artificial intelligence, as the Earth’s ecosystem verges on collapse.

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