AI News, Video Friday: Brain-Controlled Drones, Huggable Robobears, and Frikkin' Robot Laser Snakes

Video Friday: Brain-Controlled Drones, Huggable Robobears, and Frikkin' Robot Laser Snakes

Actually, it was outfitted with the laser in order to assist with 'dismantling and decommissioning complex structures in hazardous and confined nuclear environments.'

Massive congratulations (I think we're allowed to give those out) to Leila Takayama of Willow Garage, who was declared one of Tech Review's top 35 innovators under 35 for her work on 'applying the tools of social science to make robots easier to live and work with.'

It doesn't need a leash, though, since it's fully capable of taking itself for walks over obstacles.

HugBot is arather intimidatingly large robotic polar bear that will measure your pulse and breathing rate while

Northrop Grumman has some big scary unmanned systems and they're using this video with big scary music to remind you about all of them:

I'll admit to not always understanding what's going on, but that steam-powered robot-driving mini-Audi is pretty darn cool.

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