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Verv is a clever home energy assistant that gives you intelligent information about key appliances and electricity usage in your home, helping you to tackle your bills, reduce your carbon footprint and keep your home safe.

Verv uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to identify appliances in your home by their unique energy signatures and tells you how much each one is costing you to use, in real-time.

Democratising Energy with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Peter Davies provides insight into the rich and untapped data sets in the home that can be unlocked by advanced Artificial Intelligence and discuss how this can ...

Verv: Using AI to create a clever new data marketplace for energy

Verv's chief operating officer Maria McKavanagh discusses with Proactive Investors the work they're doing towards creating a new energy marketplace using ...

Verv - Meet the Team

Meet some of the team behind Verv; the home hub that is using artificial intelligence to turn all of your home appliances into SMART appliances.

Verv - your home energy assistant

Startups showcase green-themed tech at LIsbon's Web Summit

(9 Nov 2017) LEADIN: From forest fire apps to energy usage artificial intelligence - at Lisbon's Web Summit, a collection of startups are showing how tech can ...

Maria McKavanagh, COO - Verv - How is Verv contributing to the New Data Economy?

Maria provides insights into the rich and untapped energy data sets in the home that can be unlocked by high-speed data sampling and advanced AI.

Verv CEO Peter Davies at Consensus 2018

Our CEO Peter Davies takes some time out at Consensus 2018 to update you guys with how the event has been going. Website: Twitter: ...


Leo Shklovskii presents EnergySavvy at Seattle Tech Meetup on February 11, 2014.