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I'm full circle back to describing myself like I did when I graduated from university --- namely, a writer.

My main computer is a sturdy Mac Pro (mid-2010, 2 x 3.46 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon) hotrodded with 64GB of memory, an OWC PCIe RAID 480 SSD that holds only the system and apps, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB graphics card, USB3 card, a PCIe RAID filled with 4TB of mSATA SSDs for all my photos, a bunch of other hard drives inside the Mac Pro for data and clones, a 27 inch Apple LED Cinema Display and a 23 inch Apple Cinema HD Display.

In no order: Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite (of which I use Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat), DxO PhotoLab, TeamViewer, VMWare Fusion so I can run Windows (the Vantage whole house lighting software can only be programmed from Windows), Dropbox for storage, 1Password, Carbon Copy Cloner, FontExplorer X Pro, CrashPlan for backups, Notes, EverNote, Apple's Mail, Safari Technology Preview, Firefox, Fantastical for calendaring, Apple's Contacts, Scrivener for complex writing, Spotify, VueScan for scanning, SpamSieve for junk mail screening, Remote Desktop, Screens, DiskWarrior to fix messed up hard drives, Hue software, iConnectHue, Yonomi.

suppose I'm waiting for the new Mac Pro, but Apple's been passive aggressive about their computer business that I have no faith that they understand the needs of professionals any more, nor the power of the halo of high end systems on their entire business.

Tiny Scanner - PDF scanner to scan document, receipt fax 4+

In fact, it not only doesn't work with One Drive, but it also doesn't give an error message.

So, the app is pretty much useless unless you want to connect to Evernote or email the scan to your self every G..

I've emailed support with feedback several times and all I get back a canned email saying the problem is fixed and they are working on new things for the next update.

I suggest finding a different app that lives up to its claims rather than wasting your time with this one.

Scanner Pro 4+

Use Text Recognition (OCR) to сopy and share text from searchable PDF documents.Advanced color processing algorithms remove shadows, correct perspective and distortion, making your scans as readable as possible.“I will confess to some serious love for Scanner Pro ” - Rick Broida, CNET“Scanner Pro is an excellent app for those who'd like to digitize and organize their paper worlds.” - Marc Saltzman, USA Today“There really isn’t a better scanner app for iPhone than Scanner Pro” - Matthew Panzarino, TNWExperience the simplicity of document scanning:- Scan receipts to keep track of travel expenses- Convert paper notes and sketches into digital copies- Sign and scan a contract to email it back- Save interesting articles and book pages for later+ Fast and Easy Scanning + Paper documents, receipts, checks, agreements, rentals, dashboards.

With Scanner Pro you can also print your documents or even fax them.+ Upload scans to online storage +All your scans can be uploaded to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, OneNote or any other WebDAV-enabled online storage.+ iCloud sync across all devices +Access to all your scanned documents on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Here’s What to Do When Your Computer Runs Out of Space

Remember that AOL Instant Messenger download, your resume from that job you applied for in 2007, and the photos your friend took from that concert you went to three summers ago?

Step 3: Eliminate One-Time Files McGuffie points to one-time files as a serious disk space offender for people looking to recover some real estate on their hard drive.

While the Download folder is the chief offender in providing refuge for most of these files, you’ll find them all over your hard drive —

Videos you’ve taken with your phone but never looked at since, your salivating collection of dessert photos, and the music albums that are so last year —

But the worst of the worst are movie files, downloads of cinematic films that you bought (you did buy them, right?) online.

And if you did actually buy those movies, there’s little reason to keep them on your computer, because all the major online media stores let you re-download your files after the initial purchase.

This PC app, and its competitors WinDirStat and TreeSize, scan hard drives and allow users to look at their storage allocations in several different ways.

Using a Treemap visual, users can quickly see what directories are taking up the most space on the drive, and drill down into those folders to even discover the individual files that are the culprits.

These programs are great for finding far-flung files that are mucking up your machine, like the horde of email attachments from when you bought a home back in 2004.

Though items like your photo and music libraries default to being stored on your computer’s internal hard drive, you can actually move these to external drives (at least on a Mac), giving the rest of your system the elbow room it needs to zip around like the Road Runner, not his unfortunate adversary.

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Unlock Any MacBook Without The Password

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This is the easiest way to check the space left of your hard drive.

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Watch a movie on your TV from a USB drive.

This video will show you how you can watch a movie off of a USB thumb drive on your newer flatscreen TV that has a USB input.