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The 3 kinds of sensors that we're likely to use will detect ultrasound (usually to get a big but fuzzy picture, but they can be targeted too), or a narrow infrared beam (very accurate, but only one spot at a time, not too close, not too far), or a phase-shifted laser rangefinder (very accurate, great range, useful for accurately positioning the robot, but lasers drain batteries fast).

So every time you see an image, you get to decide which 'weapon' you want to use the 'laser cannon' for best accuracy and drain the batteries a bit, or move around until the object is in the range of the infrared camera and take a few readings, or fire up the ultrasonics and take your best guess whether that fuzzy image up ahead is something you absolutely don't want to hit or suck up...a kitten, a tangle of wires, a sock, a toy.

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